Sep 06 2014

Romigh returns to Beaver stations with “Teleforum”



WBVP (1230 Beaver Falls) and WMBA (1460 Ambridge) will bring back two “favorites of yesteryear” to their daily lineup beginning Monday, September 8. Mike Romigh will rejoin the stations’ lineup on a regular basis to host “Teleforum”. Teleforum was created by WBVP’s first on-air announcer, Chuck Wilson several decades ago. The program has been redubbed “Teleforum 2014” but will follow the same format it did years ago creating a place where local listeners can discuss and air their opinions about Beaver County issues. The program will air Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 2:00 – 5:00 p.m.

This is a homecoming for Romigh who lives in Koppel and is a graduate of Beaver Falls High School. He worked for the stations early on in his career before he landed gigs at KDKA (1020) and WKBN (570 Youngstown).


  1. Vic

    Is he no longer on WKBN? I give Mark Peterson credit for the local content he has on his stations. It’s not easy to do that. This station serves its community.

  2. Rick

    For a station in a declining market, WKBN has continued to do that format right rather than trot out vie syndication one BWM after another.

  3. Scott

    He was horrible in Youngstown. Felt and sounded like a carpet bagger as he continually mispronounced local places, businesses and people. His discussions of after hours events were never about the Youngstown area. The guy made NO effort to be a part of the community and sending him back to Beaver was a smart move by the management of KBN.

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