We’re hearing that Washington, PA-licensed WKZV-AM (1110) is now off the air for good. Apparently the land on which the tower sits has been sold and the tower site is expected to come down soon. The station signed on in 1970 as WKEG and held a variety of formats and owners until 1991 when the station went off the air. In 1992, the station went back on the air as WKZV and was sold again in 1993 to the current ownership of “My-Key Broadcasting”. Mike Panjuscek (AKA “Polka Mike”) and Helen and Stanley Supinski were the key shareholders. Panjuscek died in 2011 and Mrs. Supinski continues to hold the reigns. The format has long been Classic Country and specialty programming (including “The Peddler Hour” on which PBRTV was featured in 2002).

7 thoughts on “Rumor Mill: WKZV off air for good

  1. I have spoken to Helen many times about selling the station to me and My Personal Friend Ed Sherlock for many years..Being that Both of us were employed at the station in the early years..Its a sad day when a friend dies and I consider WKZV/WKEG a friend..We worked at WKEG back when the whole operation was located in a small Trailer on a hill next to the two antennas..I enjoyed working at WKEG..You could be yourself and the playlist was not to restrictive. I am really sorry that Helen would not come to an agreement to let me operate it..Its a sad day for Washington Pa. as well because they only have WJPA AM/Fm and no country oldies outlet. Well done WKZV / WKEG…You served your community well which most stations dont. Why? Because the stations are connected to a computer or satellite and don’t give a dam about the area there licensed to serve..Don’t get me wrong WJPA is still local and live but most of the stations you listen to are on satellite or computer run..Thats not serving the community…I am no longer in radio and those who were are doing something else..Radio used to be entertaining and infomative .Today its just a ATM for the owners. Some people will miss WKZV and others say good thank god its over…Im sorry Old GIrl..You serverd your community well, You gave me and others are first start in radio while other stations just laughed at you…there are other Am stations that will go dark .You didnot have to…A lost friend forever in my heart Sincerely Bob Scharnhorst..

    1. Tom Taylor reported on Monday that if the right person came along, the station would not have to go away – it would either have to find a new tower site or diplex somewhere else.

      1. I called the telephone number listed for the station several times in the last two months. No one answered. If anyone knows how to contact the owner, please let me know. dehart at edge1550.com

  2. This is some very sad news. This station had a lot of history and a lot of character, and it could have evolved over the years. Unfortunately, Mike and Helen were taken advantage of so many times by unscrupulous people who pretty much ruined it for those who had a brain in their heads and wanted them to succeed.

  3. It is unfortunate that Helen Supinski had chosen this road to Kill WKZV 1110 am..I have tried both in person and on the phone to convince her to sell the station to me and to Ed Sherlock for the last six months and had submitted different proposals which did meet her asking price..She wanted it to die..Helen wanted money to give to her kids which neither one wanted. She viewed the station as a monument to her late husband and continued down that road..I even offered for her to say on as long as she wished to work thru her problems..The last proposal was sent to her in early January with no cut off date for her to respond..She said she would get back to me which she never did..She never answered the station phone and the mailbox for her other cell phone is full..How could the FCC contact her..Now that Helen has chosen this road the Station is dead..The towers cannot be moved because of interfearence and spacing with a station in Cleveland Ohio and could not get any night power because of Wbt in Charlotte North Carolina.. Since Helen sold the land, The Station has no value and cannot be brought back to life..I tried to save it I got my first radio gig there working in the trailer..Its a sad day for Washington Pa. And a sad day for me..Good By WKZV / WKEG..Thanks for giving me a chance and to others who followed me a chance to pursue a carrier. in Radio……………….

  4. If anyone in the Washington area is interested in being on the air, WNJR (the Washington & Jefferson College station, 91.7 fm) considers proposals from community residents. We now have about a dozen community volunteers are there is room for more. Classic country programs would be most welcome in our eclectic format. Downside is there is no pay. Upsides include the fact that show hosts have creative control and there is no advertising. Find out how to get involved at wnjr.org–click on the “Join Us” tab.

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