One alert PBRTV reader asked today via Facebook, “What happened to Quinn & Rose?”

Apparently the duo, known for their program based at Pittsburgh’s WPGB-FM (104.7) and aired across several stations in the country, was missing this morning. One would normally chalk that up to vacation, but a quick visit to WPGB’s website indicates that there is no sign of either Jim Quinn or Rose Somma-Tennent and a generic program was airing in its place. Meanwhile, the program’s War Room website remains in tact, but contains no information as to the show’s whereabouts. However, the site indicates that there are two appearances scheduled in the upcoming months. Stay tuned…

UPDATE: Thanks to another alert PBRTV reader, a Facebook Status Update shows that the program has, in fact, been taken off the air. The person responsible for updating the page has no further information than the program has been removed from WPGB and all affiliates carrying the program.

UPDATE 2: Another status update on the (unofficial?) Quinn & Rose Facebook page quotes WPGB Program Director Gregg Henson, “WPGB tired to reach new terms with Quinn & Rosee, but that was unsuccessful, they will be moving on and we support and thank them.”

Note: This story was originally written as a speculative piece and was updated as new information was received. Several outlets have since confirmed that the Quinn & Rose Morning Show is no longer on the air after an unsuccessful contract discussion.

6 thoughts on “Where are Quinn and Rose?

  1. BIG…MAJOR mistake to cancel their radio program. They’ve had a loyal following for years and cannot be replaced especially by BLOOMDADDY.. 104.7 has now lost it’s listeners fro 6 AM to 10.

  2. Jim Quinn has to be close to 70 years old now (given that he was a DJ @ KQV in the late 60s). Isn\’t it about time he retired? And you can easily find his views on many other stations.
    Never a fan–and won\’t be now.

  3. I’ve listened to Quinn and Rose for more than 10 years and am at a loss as to why management would release such a good show. Sure, they were conservatives in a liberal-locked listening area, but they were GOOD at what they did. They were funny and provided an ALTERNATIVE for those who are serious about getting two sides of an issue. I will continue to visit the sponsors to their show before the purge and my wallet will gladly follow them wherever they reappear.

  4. This is a real bummer. I\\\’ve been a loyal listener here in Rochester,NY and I changed my entire schedule around the show. Quinn is truly unique and very entertaining as well as informative. Hopefully some other station will pick him up real soon.

  5. What happened to Quinn and Rose is that they are canaries in the coal mine. Clear Channel got rid of them, in my opinion, because they no longer want them. It is noted that Tom Daschle’s son is on Clear Channel management team. Mr. Daschle not being directly involved is enough to fire up Quinn’s B.S.detector.

    The media will eventually filter out other conservative talk radio shows as well. The only hope for Quinn and Rose, as far as I can tell, is if Richard Mellon Scaife gives them a spot on Pittsburgh’s KQV-AM.

    I personally see Quinn going into retirement or into an all-night country music spot somewhere. Rose might go back to Cornerstone TV. I am curious as to whether she’ll still be on Hannity or on FOX-TV on a full or part time basis, at least until they too are knocked off the air.

    I feel bad about that and wish Quinn and Rose the best of luck.

    1. Really? Tom Daschle’s son probably doesn’t know who Quinn and Rose are. Though he may have heard of them, it’s not likely that they talked on a regular basis. Clear Channel is partially owned by Bain Capital, a company Mitt Romney ran for years. Clear Channel then owns Premiere Networks who syndicates Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and others. So I’m thinking it has little to do with politics. It likely has a lot to do with the typical budget cuts that Clear Channel does every year.

      And Scaiffe won’t be giving anyone any spot on KQV. He sold his share of the station back to the Dickey family earlier this year.

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