Darryl Parks questions the ratings of Rush Limbaugh in Pittsburgh. As WJAS is not a ratings subscriber, he surmises that the ratings are: “1. …somewhere between a 0.9 and a 1.1 share. 2.…(or) an average of a 2 and a zero.  Do the math. 3. …low, ranking somewhere between a 20 and 22.” Still though, Parks is pretty sure Rush won’t be disappearing anytime soon.

WJAS (1320) started carrying Limbaugh and the rest of the conservative talk format when WPGB (104.7) changed formats two years ago. At the time, WJAS had been sold by Renda Broadcasting to Frank Iorio’s Pittsburgh Radio Partners for $1 Million. The two year anniversary of the format flip is coming up this coming week.

1 thought on “Rush… still on the air in Pittsburgh

  1. Based on…….what, exactly? A complete lack of hard data and Mr. Parks’ wishful thinking?

    For sure the ratings have to be much lower than they were on 104.7 due to signal issues alone.
    WJAS puts a particularly bad signal into the South Hills (some days WWVA is actually better!).
    But so many people listen online in their offices due to lack of AM reception anyway, I don’t know
    how you could ever quantify that.

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