News from Bill Dorrion on Facebook reports that his request show “The Saturday Night Oldies Style” has been dropped by Media One station SE-93 (WWSE 93.3) in nearby Jamestown, New York. Bill states that lack of advertising support is the reason why station owners dropped the show from its schedule. Bill has told me in recent weeks that he has struggled gain any advertising for the show he has put his heart and soul into since the mid ’80’s when it first aired on WRRN 92.3 / WNAE 1310 in Warren, Pa. It’s another sad state of where radio is going as it loses the human element that made radio special years ago. Fortunately, you can see some great history of Erie radio on Joel Natalie’s new Facebook page “We Rocked Erie in the 20th Century.” Joel is also the editor of Erie’s “Press And Tower” blogsite.