The voice of the Penguins’ TV broadcasts used to be … a Red Wing!

This shocking news was uncovered by the Johnstown Tribune-Democrat, which reports that Paul Steigerwald got his start in radio calling games for the Red Wings … of Johnstown. The team, which lost 45 games during the 1979-80 season, was a farm club for that other team up in Michigan.

Steigerwald’s pay for calling games on the former WJNL (1490) was a princely $110 per week; he passed up a job in Hampton, Va., to work in Flood City.

WJNL was going to carry 70 games, while the Hampton station was carrying only 22.

“That Johnstown experience was really good for me,” Steigerwald tells the paper. “If I had gone to Hampton and done 22 games, I may have never made it. I might have made it, but I might have gone on a different path.”