Rick Sebak’s newest special takes a walk through old-time produce and meat markets (including, presumably, Pittsburgh’s Strip District). To Market To Market To Buy a Fat Pig premieres on PBS stations nationally Aug. 1; it was produced at WQED-TV (13) here in Pittsburgh. A preview is available at the PBS website.

It’s the latest in a occasional series of national specials by Sebak (best known locally for his Pittsburgh-themed documentaries) and his third to deal with food. Sebak previously produced shows on hot dogs and ice cream. (They were somewhat obscurely titled A Hot Dog Program and An Ice Cream Show.)

“This time we wanted to talk to buyers and sellers, foodies and farmers,” says Sebak in a WQED release. “We wanted to check out the scrumptious eccentricities of American markets. We don’t include some of the major markets that are celebrated regularly on cable networks. We tried to go instead to unexpected locations and less familiar food spots.”

To Market was funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and individual PBS stations. You’ll have to fund your own take-out orders the night you watch the special. We’re drooling just thinking about it.

(Luckily, we suspect it’ll be full of pledge breaks, which should give us plenty of time to eat.)