Dec 19 2012

Seibel cut from The Fan

John Seibel was let go from KDKA-FM (93.7) on Tuesday so reports RadioInsight. Seibel was an afternoon co-host who joined the station at its inception in February 2010. He previously worked at WEAE-AM (1250). The move is a part of cuts at CBS stations across the country.


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  1. Rick

    Sounds like CBS Radio trying to outcheap Clear Channel. And, BTW, couldn’t the megacorp have waited until at least beyond Christmas to let him go if it had to? Goes to show how heartless and tactless major corporations are.

  2. KL

    I really hate how these things are done right before the XMas/holiday season. I liked John on the Fan. I wish him the best of success in whatever the future brings for him.

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