Lest you think that KDKA-TV (2) was going to announce a move from Gateway Center anytime soon, you can put that to rest. The station just spent the last several months, and visually the last few weeks installing a new set. WPXI-TV (11) has done the same – the first change for their current facility where they moved in 2007.

Both stations have gone to the “video wall” which is made up of several massive screens that can display a steady picture or video from breaking news almost as it happens. The sets debuted on Monday… just in time for November sweeps. While KDKA obviously constructed a temporary set to use while the new one was being built, WPXI used pieces strategically put together to look like the original set at the Evergreen Road studios.

WTAE’s set was built in 2007… the same year WPXI debuted their new home. I suspect a change may come to Channel 4 soon. After all, a darker, softly-lit set might be easier on the eyes, but instant video walls will work wonders for ratings.


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  1. The new sets for KDKA and WPXI are both fantastic! I hope WTAE follows suit by getting a new set soon!

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