Several items in the Mahoning Valley on the AM side of the Dial. It appears that “Fox Sports 1570” will be changing to “The Blizzard 1570” Classic Hits format that will focus primarily on Warren, Ohio. The station will have a few legendary personalities according to the report, stay tuned. Chris has also let us know that former Mahoning Valley Scrappers PBR Voice Marc Means will be coming to WANR from crosstown rival ESPN 1240 WBBW. He will be in charge of the station with sales, sports, etc. Speaking of sports, WANR will be the new home of the Pittsburgh Penguins in a couple of weeks. With WANR dropping Fox Sports, another station will be picking up the network. Clear Channel station 1390 WNIO announced yesterday that they will be dropping Adult Standards to become the new Fox Sports affiliate in Youngstown. This will leave WSOM 600 as the only station in the region with the Standards format. Moving on to “1540 The Farm” WRTK, another new program is coming into that stable (No pun intended, OK it was intended.) Although unconfirmed, Michael J. Daniels is said to be bringing a new lunchtime feature to the station called “High Noon Saloon”. It’ll be a daily program that will focus on the history of country music that will make its debut in mid November. Michael is currently the Operations Manager of Pittsburgh Oldies / Informercial rimshot “620 KHB.” Station Owner Chris Lash is talking to other former Youngstown area personalities to join “The Farm”.