Sinclair Broadcasting Group is in a contract dispute against Verizon FiOS. Sinclair owns WPGH-TV (53) and WPMY-TV (22) the Fox and MyTV affiliates respectively. The current contract to carry these stations on FiOS expires on December 31. “…based on the current status of negotiations we do not believe they will be carrying this stations after that date. We do not think it is appropriate to negotiate matters such as this in public and as a result are not prepared to comment further on the reasons that we do not believe a new contract will be entered into.” The on-air and website announcements also suggest that FiOS viewers call or e-mail Verizon to let them know “they value this station and will consider cancelling their FiOS service if this station is not carried.” Meanwhile, the stations will remain available to Comcast, DirecTV and DISH Network customers.

Such contract disputes are nothing new and have occurred with all of the cable and satellite companies at one point or another. It’s rare that an agreement isn’t made.