Before I begin, I would be remiss if I didn’t let you know that today (October 21, 2009) is PBRTV’s 11th birthday. Yes, it has been 11 years since Dave Hughes and I began collaborating on a site which would be akin to his Thanks for 11 great years. Here’s to more!

To celebrate our anniversary, I will be Online with Bill Alexander tonight at 10:06. We will discuss the state of media in the Pittsburgh area. Programs in June and August drew in all kinds of listeners. You can find Bill’s Internet-only program at Tune in, call in and enjoy!

Thank you to all of you who adjusted my lack of thinking and brought 98.5 WKEL in Confluence to mind when I mentioned it the other night. I will concur with a message poster that it seemed to be coming in way too clearly for where I was and it is.

While I am here, let me point you to Scott Fybush’s site and the fact that the WAMO calls have been taken up to the Scranton area- They now grace 91.3 FM in Carbondale. Could they be parked there as a favor or have they left the Pittsburgh region for good?

Lastly, I am working on new tower site maps for PBRTV. The first one is up and focuses on the Pittsburgh Region. I ask your patience while I make these maps as it cannot be done quickly. The information is listed on Google Maps and is created by reviewing information on and Next one due out will be the Ohio Valley Region. Enjoy!