Post Office Box Closed

After maintaining a PO Box for two years, I have decided that the time has come to close it. I had opened it up for a project which never materialized and is never going to. And over the last two years there were three (okay, maybe four) pieces of mail worth keeping while I mostly received constant ads from Comcast Business Class. (Here’s a helpful hint from Eric: The rising costs for cable could be diminished if they didn’t send so much junk mail!) Certainly not worth the $80.00 a year. Therefore I’ve decided that it is unnecessary to maintain one. If there is something that you need to send via “snail mail,” please e-mail me for an address.

Speaking of things you could have potentially snail-mailed to me…

You may have noticed that the Photo Gallery page has been moved to the main menu up above. (Go ahead, I’ll wait…) The good news is, we have lots of pictures to post. The bad news is, they’re all in YOUR collections! So get your photo albums out and scan those pics! Join the ranks of people like Dave James, Doug Goffus, and Ed Vance with your photos on PBRTV!