Jun 05 2007

Someone took the chance…would you have been able to choose the top-20 Pgh. Celebs?

Scott Tady of the Beaver County Times checked in with PBRTV to point out the June issue of the paper’s Go Magazine. Someone has dared to choose a top-20 of the Pittsburgh Media Celebrities. All are mentioned in a unique way. Some have received the distinction posthumously while others can still be heard – for instance #5 even though the mention makes it sound like he’s not on the air. #13’s name is spelled wrong…and the duo in the #16 slot “go together like traffic and weather” because one came after the other one retired. But we’re not here to critique the article…

After reading the article, PBRTV would like to hear what YOUR top 20 might look like and why. Short entries can post a response to this blurb, while longer ones can email us.