Rob Owen and Maria Sciullo perfectly explain the spectrum auction process and some of the results in today’s Post-Gazette. Stations have 39 months to change their frequencies, if required. Some will leave the airwaves altogether while others will share spectrum space and transmitters. Most over-the-air viewers won’t notice a difference as they will merely retune their TV sets. Of course those who receive stations via cable will not have to do a thing.

Below is the list of what will happen to stations as listed by

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  1. Here’s a question I’ve never seen answered: There are already lots of stations on subcarriers, and all of them are low resolution: 480. When a network station gives up its spectrum and shares a channel, will that be in 480 or 1080? Will their new channel look like crap on an HD TV just like Comet, Heroes & Icons, etc?

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