If you’re looking for something to do this evening, why not take in a movie? “Speedy Delivery” is showing at the Regent Square Theater at 8:00.

The movie is the result of over 40 hours of footage from the summer of 2006 following David Newell – the man better known as “Mr. McFeely” the “Speedy Delivery” man on Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. The idea for the movie came after director Paul Germain met Newell at the opening of Pittsburgh Mills Mall in 2005. Germain was impressed at how genuine Newell was and the two struck up a fast friendship.

The 26-year-old filmmaker told the PG’s Barbara Vancheri that a subsequent visit to Family Communications – the production company Rogers found in 1971 – “I thought, in making a documentary about him, people could benefit from seeing the way that David has chosen to live his life. Playing this character and interacting with people in a very positive way on a very regular basis.”

Aside from the 40+ hours of footage, Germain sought permission to include clips from the actual Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood program and included interviews with Newell’s family, Rogers’ wife Joanne and staff from Family Communications.

The entire movie was shot on a $4000 budget – most of which went to fuel and equipment.

“Speedy Delivery” starts at 8:00 tonight and tickets are $7. ($5 for card-wielding members of WQED and the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum.) Regent Square Theater is located at 1035 South Braddock Avenue.