We’re a day behind…sue us.

WDVE has widened the gap at number one and KDKA at number two. Perhaps I should say that KDKA has widened the gap since the number has dropped pretty considerably. Will we ever see KDKA in the top spot again? I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Someone suggested that the election year and the Pirates on FM are the reasons why WPGB is in 3rd place. WPGB came to life in 2004 – the last election year – and many of us were sure the gimmick would die after the election was over. We were fooled. As long as it’s attracting listeners with Quinn, Beck, Limbaugh and Hannity, WPGB is here to stay. Another reason not to hold your breath about KDKA’s placement.

Country WDSY continues a gradual drop in numbers. Is country losing the interest of listeners? Is soft rock? WSHH has lost some ground since the Christmas Blitz in the fall numbers. The pattern shows that things will change as the summer progresses. Wish doesn’t need to worry, WWSW seems to be losing some ground too, but still holding up. Bob-FM WRRK seems to be gaining ground again while WJAS remains steady.

Let’s move on to WLTJ. Despite the outcry of listeners when the station fired the staff and hired an automated announcer, the station seems to be bumping upwards.

Looking at the reincarnated B-94, WBZW is moving upward. Given WBZZ’s final ratings before the jump to classic rock, one might say that the station was never broke and they shouldn’t have “fixed” it. There’s no telling what might happen between WBZW and WKST. Right now, I suspect status quo.

The 12+ numbers typically mean nothing. Stations base their ad rates on the numbers for their target demographics.

Source of info: Radio & Records.