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Central Pennsylvania Area Stations

The stations listed on the next few pages are within the Central Pennsylvania markets. Every attempt was made to include every station* within, but some may have been overlooked. With frequent changes to stations – call letters, formats, frequencies, etc. – it is not always possible to be 100% accurate with listings. Stations are updated as needed, but it is possible to overlook a change.

Information used in the listings come from a variety of sources: old PBRTV listings, Wikipedia, and sometimes the station websites. If you see something you suspect is incorrect, please bring it to our attention by e-mailing info@pbrtv.com. Upon confirmation of the items in question, we will rectify the problem.

*Does not always include stations which are able to be received from outside of the market. 

Central Pennsylvania Area AM Stations

850 WKGE Johnstown, Pennsylvania Owner: Birach Broadcasting Corporation Format: Silent Signed on in 1922 and had homes on many different frequencies before moving to AM 1400 and becoming WJAC-AM. In 1963, the station moved to 850 with a significant power increase, but has a complex directional antenna to protect adjacents.  When Forever Broadcasting (Keymarket) took …

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Central Pennsylvania Area FM Stations

87.7 When WJAC-TV’s analog signal was live on Channel 6, listeners could hear the audio feed on 87.7 because of the proximity of the two frequencies and is common for stations with the Channel 6 allocation. Now that WJAC’s digital allocation is different, this phenomenon no longer exists in the Johnstown region. 88.9 WFRJ Johnstown, …

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Central Pennsylvania Area TV Stations

3 (15) WPSU-TV Clearfield, Pennsylvania Owner: The Pennsylvania State University Network: PBS  WPSX signed on in 1965 as Central Pennsylvania’s NET affiliate and the country’s 101st public television station. The station’s strong signal reaches a half-million households throughout Central Pennsylvania, Southern New York State and even as far away as Warren, Pennsylvania where it is …

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