Central Pennsylvania Area FM Stations


When WJAC-TV’s analog signal was live on Channel 6, listeners could hear the audio feed on 87.7 because of the proximity of the two frequencies and is common for stations with the Channel 6 allocation. Now that WJAC’s digital allocation is different, this phenomenon no longer exists in the Johnstown region.

88.9 WFRJ Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Owner: Family Stations, Inc.
Format: Family/Religious

WFRJ’s Bible-based programming comes from Family Radio Network. It went on the air in 1985.

89.7 WQEJ Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Owner: WQED Multimedia
Format: Classical

WQEJ, a repeater station in Johnstown, PA since 1997, simulcasts WQED-FM’s programming from Pittsburgh with an effective radiated power of 8,400 watts. The original Johnstown repeater for WQED-FM was W210AQ.

89.9 WTLR State College, Pennsylvania
Owner: Central Pennsylvania Christian Institute
Format:  Religious

Way, Truth, Life Radio, offering a blending of quality programming and truly inspirational music from studios located in State College. WTLR has served Pennsylvania’s heartland since 1978. Sister station WQJU 107.1 FM in Mifflintown became CPCI’s second full-power station in 1993 and simulcasts the format.

90.1 WIUP Indiana, Pennsylvania
Owner: Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Format: Variety

Broadcasting at over 1600 watts with a 30-mile broadcast radius, WIUP serves a potential listening audience of over 300,000 people. With a state-of-the-art web stream, WIUP’s unique programming is available worldwide. Most of the management, producers and on-air staff are student volunteers and come from a wide variety of academic majors. Membership in the station is also open to faculty, staff and community volunteers.

90.7 WKPS State College, Pennsylvania
Owner: The Pennsylvania State University
Format: Variety 

Based from the HUB-Robeson Center at the Pennsylvania State University. The LION is a completely student-run radio station streaming online and over the airwaves in the State College and University Park areas. WKPS is a multi-format station including classic rock, modern rock, talk, sports coverage and more. The University’s original student station was WDFM which went on the air in 1953 as a class gift of the Class of 1951. It became WPSU in 1985 and as the 80s moved on, student programming was cut back and more NPR programming aired. There was a campus AM station, WEHR from 1972 to 2005. In 1995, however, students petitioned to have their own voice on campus and thus created WKPS which was set up under the Student Affairs office so as to avoid a fate similar to the original WDFM.

92.1 WJHT Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Owner: Forever Broadcasting
Format: CHR/Top 40

There is no relation to Harrisburg’s WWKL, but WJHT is simulcast on  WWOT in Altoona. 92.1 was once WGLU “Glu 92” with a rock format. In 1987 though, the station adapted a Top-40 format. In 2000, WGLU swapped frequencies with co-owned WQWK in Ebensburg and after several ownerships and format tweaks, the station became WJHT

92.3 WKVR Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
Owner: Juniata College
Format: Variety

This student-run station broadcasts 24-hours a day with an effective radiated power of 13 watts.

92.5 WQMU Indiana, Pennsylvania
Owner: St. Pier Group/Renda Broadcasting
Format: Hot AC

 WQMU signed on in 1968 at 103.1 FM. For much of its life, the station was automated with music delivered on 10-inch reels. But in 1990, the station started to subscribe to satellite services. WQMU’s move to 92.5 in 1997 was as a result of owner RMS Media petitioning the FCC for an FM license at 103.3 in nearby Brookville. In 2004, RMS sold the station along with AM sister WDAD to Renda Broadcasting’s subsidiary, St. Pier Group who had previously purchased rivals WCCS and WLCY.

92.7 WJSM Martinsburg, Pennsylvania
Owner: Martinsburg Broadcasting, Inc.
Format: Religous

WJSM signed on as the area’s religious outlet by Kenneth W. Ferry, owner of a trucking firm. The inspiration came from hearing WPHB in Philipsburg. Ferry applied for an AM station and in 1965 was granted an FM station after apparent confusion with several applications and amendments. Since FM was not heavily listened to in the 1960s, the station really pioneered the FM Christian format. But in 1968 the AM joined its FM counterpart. It was a daytime-only station thereby allowing the FM to cover the nighttime audience. Two employees bought the stations in 1975 and was among the first stations to air “Focus on the Family”. In 1989, Martinsburg Broadcasting bought the pair.

93.3 WQZS Meyersdale, Pennsylvania
Owner: Target Broadcasting
Format: Oldies

WQZS went on the air in 1992 with an oldies format which, with modifications over the years, it still has today. WQZS is operated by the Wahl Family who, quite literally do most of the work at the station. The 620 watts of power beam from the top of Mount Davis and is said to cover several counties.

93.5 WCGJ Gallitzin, Pennsylvania
Owner: Radio Partners, LLC.
Format: Religious

WHPA-FM began to form in the late 1980s when Bland Radio Group applied for and was granted a license for 94.3 in Barnesboro. Bland already owned several stations in the area, but was forced to sell them in 1992 after filing for bankruptcy. The FM construction permit was allowed to lapse as the new owner, Eagle Radio, focused on WNCC, WRDD and WCRO. When Vernal Enterprises bought WRDD and WNCC in 1996, they applied for the FM construction permit. Meanwhile, Renda Broadcasting applied for a permit to build a station in Brookville. Stations were shuffled around on the dial to accommodate the move, and the license for 94.3 was moved to 93.5. WHPA finally went on the air in 2000. In 2006, the station petitioned for a move to Gallitzin in order to increase coverage. WHPA was sold to Radio Partners, LLC in 2010.

93.7 WBUS Boalsburg, Pennsylvania
Owner: Forever Broadcasting
Format: Classic Rock

WBUS has been a mainstay serving State College since 1998 as part of Boalsburg Broadcasting. The station was sold to Dame Broadcasting in 2001 and then to Forever in 2005. Before September 2009, WBUS was simulcast on WBSS 106.3 licensed to Mount Union.

94.3 WBXQ Patton, Pennsylvania
Owner: Sherlock Broadcasting
Format: Country

In 1981, WRKE signed on at 94.7 as a top-40 station under consultation of Clarke Ingram and the ownership of Sherlock-Hart Broadcasting who also owned WAMQ. It was licensed to Cresson at 94.7 but the station moved its tower to Gallitzin in 1998 for better coverage of Altoona. The owners’ partnership ended in 1990 and WAMQ was sold off to Tom Stevens two years later. WBXQ remained and still remains under the ownership of Sherlock Broadcasting. WBXQ was simulcast on 94.3 WBRX and the two swapped callsigns in 2007. WBRX, now at 94.7 moved on to an AC format. WBXQ changed formats to country in 2009. The FCC FM Query shows that WBXQ has a booster signal licensed to Altoona.

94.5 WBHV State College, Pennsylvania
Owner: Results Radio (2510 Licenses, LLC)
Format: Top-40

 WBHV first signed on in 1987 on 103.1 FM to compete against WQWK which was airing a Top-40 format at the time. After the station was off the air for a few years, WBHV was reborn on 94.5 FM in 2006. 94.5 had been WGGY, WFGI, WLTS and WSMO prior to WBHV’s arrival.

94.7 WBRX Cresson, Pennsylvania
Owner: Sherlock Broadcasting
Format: AC

 WRKE signed on at 94.7 in 1981 under the ownership of Sherlock-Hart Broadcasting. A year later, it became WBXQ. The station had a top-40 format for many years. Some of those years were simulcast with 94.3 FM which was WBRX. In 2007, WBRX and WBXQ swapped signals and later that year WBRX exited the simulcast and adopted the current AC format.

95.3 WZWW Bellefonte, Pennsylvania
Owner: First Media Radio
Format: Hot AC

A 2004 shuffling of formats took many stations from one frequency to another, but WZWW (better known as “3-W-Z”) was one of the few that retained its frequency. Advertising clients were confused as to which station was which.

95.5 WFGI Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Owner: Forever Broadcasting
Format: Country

Originally WJAC-FM with a beautiful music format, 1983 saw a change to WKYE with an AC format. Forever Broadcasting maintained the AC format for a while before putting on their Froggy country format. WFGI boasts a 57,000 watt equivalent signal.

96.5 WKYE Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Owner: Forever Broadcasting
Format: AC

WKYE took over WJAC-FM at 95.5 in 1983 with its AC format. WJAC-AM and WKYE were sold in 1984 to Winston Radio who sold it to Forever in 1997. At that time, 96.5 was WMTZ (nee WJNL). When Clear Channel got out of smaller markets in the early 2000s, they sold WMTZ to Forever who was busy making their Froggy format a household name. Because 95.5 has a much more powerful signal at 57,000 watts vs. 96.5 at 50,000 watts, the decision was made to swap the frequencies to allow Froggy to “get over the mountain” and serve areas as far away as the eastern fringes of Pittsburgh. The move happened in 2005 when WMTZ moved to 95.5 and became WFGI.

97.1 WOWY State College, Pennsylvania
Owner:  2510 Licenses
Format : Classic Hits

Once home to WQWK, “QWK Rock” was a popular station and high in ratings but the signal was weak in some areas prompting a move to 98.7 and later to 103.1. The first move happened in roughly 2005.

97.3 WPCL Spangler, Pennsylvania
Owner: He’s Alive, Inc.
Format: Religious

It was 1991 when WCCZ signed on in Spangler. The station was founded by Raymark Broadcasting who already owned WCCS-AM in Homer City and WOKW-FM in Curwensville. Programming was supplied by Jones Radio Network’s “Goldies”. Unsuccessful, WCCZ was sold to WKYN Inc. who operated St. Mary’s licensed WKYN at the adjacent 97.5 (today’s WDDH). WCCZ became WXVE while WKYN became WKVE and 97.3 was used as a translator to bring WKVE’s programming to Johnstown. The stations were sold to Cam Communications in the mid 1990s when WKYN Inc. principle, Bob Stevens sought the opportunity to purchase WHJB-AM (620) in Greensburg. Cam sold WXVE to He’s Alive who changed the calls to WPCL.

97.7 WLKH Somerset, Pennsylvania
Owner: Forever Broadcasting
Format: Religious

97.7 was originally WVSC-FM with an Adult Contemporary format. Around the turn of the 21st Century, it was a “Froggy” formatted country station until Forever Broadcasting made it a simulcast of WUZZ-FM out of Portage. It now serves as the area’s K-Love affiliate. The signal “competes” in some areas with WLER from Butler which is also at 97.7.

98.1 WFGY Altoona, Pennsylvania
Owner: Forever Broadcasting, LLC
Format: Country

As WFBG-FM, the station served as Blair County’s beautiful music station for many years usually ranking at #2 behind its AM sister. The early 1990s saw a format change to country with the “Froggy” moniker.  WFGY serves as the flagship Froggy station in the region. The 30,000 watt signal makes this station a powerhouse.

98.7 WEMR Pleasant Gap, Pennsylvania
Owner: 2510 Licenses, LLC
Format: Rock

WZRZ was originally licensed to Mill Hall, PA by engineer Jack Kennedy who discovered the available frequency and put it on the air in 1995. In 1997, the station was sold to Sabatino Cupelli. Under his ownership, the format was Classic Rock and an affiliation with the Pittsburgh Pirates, NFL and high school sports. When Forever Broadcasting bought the station the license was moved to Pleasant Gap and the calls were changed to WLTS-FM. As WSMO, the station was Smooth Jazz, then Adult Rock as WQWK and Country as WSGY. The station was sold to 2510 Licenses who began a soft AC format as WWSH “Wish-FM”. In 2011, the format changed again to rock with the calls WEMR.

99.1 WRKW Ebensburg, Pennsylvania
Owner: Forever Broadcasting of Johnstown, LLC
Format: Rock

Cary Simpson put WEND-FM on the air in 1962 at 103.9 FM as part of his Allegheny Mountain Network. In 1966, he the station was moved to 99.1 allowing for a power increase to 10,000 watts. As WIYQ, the station had a bunch of formats between the 1970s and late 1980s, but was well known for unique programming like “Jo-Jo’s Polka Swing” on the air from 1973 until the station was sold in 1993. TMZ Broadcasting bought the station removing all of the programs which made the station so popular. TMZ turned the station into WQKK and made it a simulcast of WQWK in State College in a move to serve Johnstown. In 2001, WQKK and WGLU would switch frequencies between 92.1 and 99.1. Both stations were purchased by Forever Broadcasting in 2005 and were returned to their former frequencies. By that time 92.1 had become WRKW now heard in 99.1.

99.5 WMAJ Centre Hall, Pennsylvania
Owner: Megahertz Licenses, LLC.
Format: Adult Hits

Signed on as WXMJ in 1988. The station was a Class A licensed to Mount Union. The WXMJ calls stayed until 2005 when it became WXOT. WLTS moved to 99.5 from 94.5 in 2006 when 94.5 became WBHV. Forever Broadcasting is responsible for the transmitter upgrade to a Class B1 and a Community of License change to Centre Hall. As a result, the station is shortspaced to 99.3 FM WZXR in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The station is now WMAJ and is operated by Forever subsidiary Megahertz Licenses.

100.1 WWOT Altoona, Pennsylvania
Owner: Forever Broadcasting
Format: CHR/Top 40

Originally WVAM-FM, the station served as, among other formats, an automated Drake-Chenault Top-40 station. The station became WPRR in 1980 and had an album-oriented format until 1986, when the station became a CHR outlet which it still carries today. In 2005, it became WWOT and a simulcast with WJHT in Johnstown.

100.9 WAYC-FM Bedford, Pennsylvania
Owner: Cessna Communications, Inc.
Format: Adult Contemporary

In 1966, WAKM signed on with a classical music format and a Mutual Radio affiliate. It was in the 1980s that it became WRAX (later WOOX) with a country format. Presently sporting an Adult Contemporary format, this Class A station has a transmitter atop the mountain over the city of Bedford. Despite a low power output, the station can reach Cumberland, Maryland on a good day.

101.1 WFGE Tyrone, Pennsylvania
Owner: Forever Broadcasting
Format: Country

101.1 signed on as WGMR in 1961 under the ownership of Cary Simpson’s Allegheny Mountain Network and was a sister to WTRN. It ran a myriad of formats including country, alternative and Top-40. Allegheny Mountain sold the station to Forever in 2008 with the Froggy format bringing the WFGE calls from a sister station in Murray, Kentucky.

101.7 WCCL Central City, Pennsylvania
Owner: Forever Broadcasting
Format: Oldies

The station went on the air as WCCS (no relation to the station in Homer City today) in 1972. In 1981, the station became WWZE and then WYSN in 1988 when it was purchased by Nor-Lin Broadcasters. Under Nor-Lin, WYSN served Adult Standards but shifted to an AC format in the mid-90s after WVSC abandoned the format for country. Nor-Lin sold the station (along with WADJ) to Dame Media in 2000, but Ron Lorence (who owned Nor-Lin) and his son Brad remained with the station under the new ownership until Ron’s retirement and, a few years later, Brad’s unceremonious ouster in 2004. In 2005, Dame sold all of its Johnstown-area  properties to Results Radio who, in turn sold it to Forever in 2007.

103.1 WRSC-FM State College, Pennsylvania
Owner: Forever Broadcasting
Format: News/Talk

Formerly serving Happy Valley as WBHC, the top 40 outlet, the format was flipped to news/talk in 2009. All-news used to be the format for WRSC-AM (1390) which became a financial station when the news format moved.

103.5 WLAK Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
Owner: First Media Radio, LLC
Format: Hot AC

WLAK is a simulcast of WMRF Lewistown (95.9). It’s likely that the WLAK calls are a nod to nearby Raystown Lake.

103.7 WFSJ-LP Indiana, Pennsylvania
Owner: Godstock Ministries, Inc.
Format: Christian Contemporary

This low-power outlet was put in the air by Pittsburgh personality Chris Lash in 2003 as a way to promote Christian rock in the Indiana County region. The station went on the air as “Fish FM” and was successful. Within a year, the moniker was changed to “The Switch” but retained the format.

103.9 WALY Bellwood, Pennsylvania
Owner: Forever Broadcasting, LLC
Format: Hot AC

Prior to becoming WALY (pronounced “Wally”) in 1987, this was WHGM and was co-owned with the old WOPC-TV (38; which later became WATM-TV 23). As WHGM it ran mono programs from the “Kaleidoscope” service.

104.3 WSKE Everett, Pennsylvania
Owner: New Millennium Communications Group, Inc.
Format: Country

WSKE sports a Country format and offers Bluegrass programs on the weekends. It first went on the air in 1988.

104.9 WRKY Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania
Owner: Forever Broadcasting, LLC
Format: Rock

Prior to 1997, this was WHPA with an AC format. For a couple of years after that, it was WMXV and then WMAJ. The WRKY calls were removed from 103.5 FM in Steubenville in 2001 and were brought here in 2004 when the station took on a rock format. The moniker also took a page from the old Steubenville station which was dubbed “Rocky”.

105.7 WLKJ Portage, Pennsylvania
Owner: Educational Media Foundation
Format: Religious

Signing on in 1990 as WZGO, this station has had a myriad of callsigns throughout the years including WQWK, WKXU, WUZZ and WFJY. WLKJ’s FCC Query shows that there is a WLKJ-1 booster station in Johnstown. WLKJ is a K-Love outlet.

105.9 WQCK Philipsburg, Pennsylvania
Owner: Magnum Broadcasting, Inc.
Format: Rock

Signing on as WPHB-FM in 1989 it aired a simulcast of the classic country portion of its AM sister, but would break away when the AM focused on Christian programming. The Sharpless Family founded the station but sold both to Cliff and Laura Mack in 1996. The Macks changed the FM’s format to modern rock with the WUBZ-FM calls. They were also responsible for moving the tower in 1999 so that State College could receive a stronger signal. In the early 2000s, the stations were sold to Magnum Broadcasting. In 2006, WUBZ became WJOW with a country format known as “Joe FM”. In 2009, it became WQCK with the “QUiK Rock” moniker abandoned by Forever Broadcasting when they changed the format on 103.1 FM.

106.3 WLCY Blairsville, Pennsylvania
Owner: Renda Broadcasting – St. Pier Group
Format: Country

Originally a nostalgia station, the calls upon sign-on were WCQO-FM. In 1985, former WAMO general manager Ray Gusky purchased the station and flipped the calls to WNQQ with an AC format. Gusky sold the station to Pennsylvania Broadcast Associates in 1987. John Longo bought WNQQ in 1989 not long after he had purchased WCNS Latrobe. That’s when it became WLCY “Lucky 106.3” with a soft AC format. Longo sold the station outright to Renda Broadcasting’s subsidiary, St. Pier Group in 2002. Operations moved to Indiana, Pennsylvania with sisters WDAD, WCCS and WQMU.

107.5 WBVE Bedford, Pennsylvania
Owner: Cessna Communications, Inc
Format: Classic Rock

Signed on in 1988 with a Top-40 format as WAYC-FM. In 1994, a format change to country brought along the WWCW calls. The current classic rock and WBVE calls went on the air in 2000. Programming is satellite-fed through Dial Global’s Classic Rock network.

107.9 WNCL Port Matilda, Pennsylvania
Owner: Educational Media Foundation
Format: Religious

A relative newcomer to the airwaves, WXXZ signed on in 1994 with a swift callsign change to WIKN and a rock-heavy CHR format. The station went dark in 1995 because of a dispute between the licensee and management. The station was then sold to Telemedia and was back on the air a few months later with the same moniker of “Wink” but this time more of a Hot AC sound. The station’s tower was moved and signal upgraded in 1999 when it became WNCL with an oldies format. Soon WJHT took over with a CHR format until 2004 when the station was sold to K-Love owner Educational Media Foundation.