Mahoning/Shenango Valley FM Stations

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88.1 WXTC Greenville, Pennsylvania
Owner: Thiel College
Format: Off-air

Thiel College’s student station was WTGP and remained on the air until 2007 when the college turned the license in. The school applied for a new station WXTC in 2010.

88.5 WYSU Youngstown, Ohio
Owner: Youngstown State University
Format: Public Radio

 WYSU signed on in 1969 with a 12-hour broadcast day. It was a charter member of National Public Radio. The broadcast day increased in 1974 when it went to an 18-hour day and again in 1980 when it went 24 hours. The station also has two translators: W211AL Ashtabula, Ohio and W248AD New Wilmington, Pennsylvania.

88.9 WWNW New Wilmington, Pennsylvania
Owner: Westminster College Board of Trustees
Format:  Adult Contemporary

WWNW went on the air in 1987 and is uncommon among college stations as it is programmed more like a commercial station. The station provides a “hands-on” opportunity for students who are aspiring broadcasters and the experience is actually a part of the school’s course work. The normal commercial breaks are filled with PSAs, promos and underwriter announcements.

90.1 WVMN New Castle, Pennsylvania
Owner: Moody Bible Institute
Format: Religious

WVMN serves as a full-power Class A repeater of Cleveland licensed WCRF-FM featuring Christian music and programming from the Moody Broadcasting Network.

90.7 WKTL Struthers, Ohio
Owner: Board of Education – Struthers Ohio City Schools
Format: Alternative

WKTL signed on in 1965 as the first all student-staffed station in the country. The concept was the brainchild of Struthers High School’s then-speech instructor Stephen Gercevich as an opportunity to put newly-learned techniques to use. Gercevich was once an announcer.

91.1 WSAJ Grove City, Pennsylvania
Owner: Grove City College
Format: Freefrom

WSAJ-FM went on the air in 1968 at 89.5 where it remained until moving to its present frequency in the 1990s. Student programming was always in mind for this station which was put on the air as a compliment to former sister station WSAJ-AM (1340) which had an extremely limited broadcast license. A power increase to 91.1 in 1995 moved student programming to a current-carrier at 530 AM on campus as the AM station on 1340 deteriorated to a point beyond repair. In 2004, student programming returned to the FM station and within two years, the AM station license was let to expire. In 2007 WSAJ-FM increased its signal even more and moved its tower to the extreme southwest corner of Venango County allowing it to serve Franklin and Oil City, Pennsylvania.

91.7 WYTN Youngstown Ohio
Owner: Family Stations, Inc.
Format: Christian

WYTN broadcasts a Christian format and in addition to Youngstown, it serves Warren and Niles, Ohio and New Castle, Pennsylvania.

92.1 WKPL Ellwood City, Pennsylvania
Owner: Keymarket Licenses, LLC
Format: Oldies

WKPL is a full-power simulcast of sister station WPKL Uniontown. WKPL was once WFEM until it was purchased by the owners of WKST-AM (1280) in the 1980s. Great Scott Broadcasting turned WFEM into WKST-FM in 1988. In the late 1990s, Great Scott sold the two stations to Jacor Broadcasting. Following the merger between Jacor and Clear Channel, the latter took the WKST-FM calls to their 96.1 FM in Pittsburgh when the KISS-FM format began in 2000 making this station WJST. The station was sold along with WKST-AM and WBZY-AM to Forever Broadcasting. The WJST calls were moved to 1280 AM and the WKPL calls were placed here with a simulcast of the Pickle format from sister WPKL in Uniontown.

93.3 WNCD Youngstown, Ohio
Owner: Clear Channel
Format: Rock

WNCD went on the air in 1988 at 106.1 FM licensed to Niles, Ohio. Early on, WNCD was simulcast on WLLF in Mercer to cover the eastern Youngstown and Western Pennsylvania areas. Once under common ownership with the stronger WBBG at 93.3 FM, the two stations swapped frequencies allowing WNCD to have a single-station broadcast. Originally billed as “The Wolf”, the station dropped the moniker for a while but readopted it in 2007.

95.1 WWGY Grove City, Pennsylvania
Owner: Forever Broadcasting, LLC
Format: Country

95.1 signed on in 1962 as WEDA-FM. Then for a time it was WRKU. In 1994, it became WICT-FM under which it carried a country format called “Cat Country”. In 2004, when Forever Broadcasting took over, it became WWGY and continued the country format as a Froggy outlet.

95.9 WAKZ Sharpsville, Pennsylvania
Owner: Clear Channel
Format: Top-40

Signing on in late 1976 as WFAR-FM, this station was the simulcasting sister of Farrell, Pennsylvania licensed WFAR-AM.  The station has held a bunch of callsigns over the years including the WHTX calls in the mid-1990s. The WAKZ calls have been in use since 2001 and the station has sported a Rhythmic format but is leaning back toward Top-40 as the Youngstown regions “KISS-FM”.

96.7 WLLF Mercer, Pennsylvania
Owner: Cumulus Broadcasting
Format: Sports

WKTX signed on for the first time in 1985. Five years later, Mercer County Broadcasting bought the station and it was sisters with WKTX-AM (830) in Cortland, Ohio. The WLLF calls came about in 1991 when WNCD with its rock format known as “The Wolf” simulcast on 96.7. The WLLF calls remained after the simulcast ended and the station took on a Smooth Jazz format. and later a satellite Adult Contemporary format. The current ESPN sports format started in 2010. In addition to major sports teams, the station also covers high school and college sports.

98.9 WMXY Youngstown, Ohio
Owner: Clear Channel
Format: Adult Contemporary

In 1947, 98.9 signed on as WKBN-FM on which its AM counterpart was simulcast for many years. In the mid-1960s, WKBN-FM took on the Beautiful Music format which it carried for over 20 years as “Stereo 99”. The format became a mainstay in the Mahoning Valley. The moniker and call letters remained in tact following a format change into a soft vocal adult contemporary format in 1989. The station and its AM sister at 570 were sold off to Clear Channel and in 1999, WKBN-FM became WMXY and Mix 98.9 with a mainstream Hot AC format, but the format was scaled down to a mainstream AC in 2012.

101.1 WHOT-FM Youngstown, Ohio
Owner: Cumulus Broadcasting
Format: CHR/Top-40

Prior to 1984, WHOT-FM was WSRD with an Album-oriented rock format known as “The Wizard”. But in 1984, WSRD became WHOT-FM the FM sister station to the AM which signed on in 1955 at 1570 kHz. WHOT moved to 1330 in 1963 and then 1390 in 1990. WHOT-FM served as a simulcast until the early 1990s when the AM (then at 1390) became the Adult Standards outlet and the FM took on Top-40. In most of the years since, the station has retained the Top-40 sound.

101.9 WRBP Hubbard, Ohio
Owner: Educational Media Foundation
Format: Religious

In 1998, WRBP became WBTJ with a Rhythmic Top-40 format  and was operated by Jacor Broadcasting but owned by Stop 26/Riverbend. Clear Channel continued to operate the station following the merger with Jacor, but Stop 26 took the communications giant to court saying that Clear Channel refused Stop 26’s request to preempt programming. The dispute was settled with Clear Channel paying a fine to Stop 26/Riverbend. The format was moved to 95.9 in Sharpsville in 2001 where it became WAKZ. WNIO’s format was simulcast until control could be regained by Stop 26. The WRBP calls returned and an urban contemporary format began. When the company went bankrupt in 2006, Bernard Radio purchased a number of the company’s stations including this and WASN and WGFT. In 2012, Bernard Radio announced the sale of WRBP to Educational Media Foundation. The sale was finalized in early 2013.

102.9 WYFM Sharon, Pennsylvania
Owner: Cumulus Broadcasting
Format: Classic Rock

Originally WYFM was WPIC-FM where it simulcast its AM sister at 790 until 1973. That’s when it adopted the WYFM calls and became an alternative station featuring album-length hits by rock and roll performers ranging from Jimi Hendrix to those lesser known. The studios remained in the Sharon-Hermitage area until 1998 when they were moved to Cumulus’ “Radio Center” in Youngstown just across the Ohio-Pennsylvania border. The transmitter antenna remained in Pennsylvania until 2001 on the tallest self-supported tower east of the Mississippi River which has since been torn down.

103.9 WWIZ Mercer, Pennsylvania
Owner: Cumulus Broadcasting
Format: Rock

WWIZ features an active rock format and is one of seven Cumulus stations in the Youngstown market.

105.1 WQXK Salem, Ohio
Owner: Cumulus Broadcasting
Format: Country

105.1 was originally on the air as WFMJ-FM in 1950, three years after the construction permit was issued, and was sister to WFMJ-AM (1450) which signed on the air in 1939. In 1954, the WFMJ Broadcasting Company requested the cancellation of the FM station’s license. WSOM-FM came on the air at the same frequency in 1958 owned by Salem Broadcasting Company. In 1980 it became WQXK when Rust Communications Group purchased the station and WSOM-AM. WQXK operates at a grandfathered 88,000 watts since the output existed before power limitation regulations were put into place. The signal is so powerful that it can be heard in over twenty counties across three states.

106.1 WBBG Niles, Ohio
Owner: Clear Channel
Format: Oldies

WNCD signed on this frequency in 1988 and was simulcast on Mercer, Pennsylvania-licensed WLLF until becoming sisters with WBBG which was at 93.3. WNCD and WBBG swapped their signals in 2000 and their respective formats continued on their new frequencies. WBBG has an oldies format.

107.1 WLVX Greenville, Pennsylvania
Owner: Educational Media Foundation
Format: Religious

In 1965, WGRP-FM signed on the air as sister to the station at 940 AM. In 1985 it became WEXC and it had a range of formats from Christian Adult Contemporary to Oldies. WEXC and WGRP-AM were sold to Beacon Broadcasting in 2005 under whom the station assumed a Christian Rock format. The format lasted a short time before becoming a Hot AC station with current and recurrent hits. When Beacon Broadcasting principal Harold Glunt died in 2010, all of the company’s stations were put on the market at Educational Media Foundation bought WEXC, WGRP and WLOA in Farrell and all three quickly served as repeaters for the company’s K-Love format. WGRP and WLOA were quickly spun off to Vilkie Communications but WEXC became WLVX carrying K-Love.

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