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Northwest Pennsylvania Area Stations

The stations listed on the next few pages are within the Northwestern Pennsylvania markets. Every attempt was made to include every station* within, but some may have been overlooked. With frequent changes to stations – call letters, formats, frequencies, etc. – it is not always possible to be 100% accurate with listings. Stations are updated as needed, but it is possible to overlook a change.

Information used in the listings come from a variety of sources: old PBRTV listings, Wikipedia, and sometimes the station websites. If you see something you suspect is incorrect, please bring it to our attention by e-mailing info@pbrtv.com. Upon confirmation of the items in question, we will rectify the problem.

*Does not always include stations which are able to be received from outside of the market. 

Northwest Pennsylvania Area AM Stations

740 CFZM Toronto, Ontario Owner: Zoomer Media Format: Adult Standards CFZM is graced with a 50,000 watt clear channel signal and while the nighttime signal is certainly significant, the daytime signal can reach as far south as Youngstown, Ohio. CFZM has shown in the Erie Arbitron ratings fairly significantly. Originally put on the air at …

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Northwest Pennsylvania Area FM Stations

88.1 WEFR Erie, Pennsylvania Owner: Family Stations, Inc. Format: Christian/Family Radio WEFR is Erie’s outlet for Family Stations’ Family Radio Network. 88.5 WMCE Erie, Pennsylvania Owner: Mercyhurst University Format: Jazz WMCE first went on the air in 1989 as a Classic Rock station. Over the years it became more of a mixed variety station until …

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Northwest Pennsylvania Area TV Stations

9 (43) WLEP-LD Erie, Pennsylvania Owner: Kevin Bae/Hapa Media Properties, LLC Netowrk: Independent WLEP signed in in 2011 carrying three subchannels. The main channel carries the Retro Television Network, HD2 carries Tuff TV and the third channel carries a playlist of movies. 12 (52-12) WICU Erie, Pennsylvania Owner:  SJL Broadcasting operated through SSA by Lilly Broadcasting …

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