Northwest Pennsylvania Area AM Stations

740 CFZM Toronto, Ontario
Owner: Zoomer Media
Format: Adult Standards

CFZM is graced with a 50,000 watt clear channel signal and while the nighttime signal is certainly significant, the daytime signal can reach as far south as Youngstown, Ohio. CFZM has shown in the Erie Arbitron ratings fairly significantly. Originally put on the air at 1250 in 1956, CHWO was licensed to Oakville and operated by Howard Caine. CHWO’s owners, the Caines, applied to move to 740 in 2000 when Canadian Broadcasting’s CBL gave up the frequency in a move to FM. Meanwhile, they maintained 1250 with a Christian music format. In 2008, Prime Time Radio sold CHWO to Moses Znaimer (doing business as MZ Media, Inc.) and the station was re-licensed to Toronto. Later that year, it dropped the heritage calls for CFZM. Znaimer was responsible for adding other programming including a daily talk show and some syndicated shows during the week and specialty shows on the weekend. The programming is still meant to appeal to those age 40 and over. In 2010, the station moved to Znaimer’s publicly-traded ZoomerMedia.

970 WFUN Ashtabula, Ohio
Owner: Media One Group/Sweet Home Ashtabula
Format: Sports/Talk

In 1937, WICA (meaning “Industry, Commerce, Agriculture”) signed on owned and operated by Richard and David Rowley. It would later be joined by an FM at 103.7 in the early 1950s. Later the stations would take the WREO calls. In 1978, however, 970 took on the WFUN calls as a nod to a former Top 40 station in Miami, Florida and eventually became an oldies station. The Rowley Family sold the two stations (along with WZOO-FM) to Clear Channel and WFUN became a News/Talk outlet. Clear Channel sold their Ashtabula stations in 2007 to Media One who dropped the talk programming for sports as an ESPN affiliate.

1120 WKQW Oil City, Pennsylvania
Owner: Clarion County Broadcasting Corporation
Format: Sports

Local broadcaster and engineer Stephen M. Olszowka founded WKQW in 1982, but it took him five years to put it on the air. When Olszowka died in 2004, the ownership of the station went to his mother who quickly sold it to Clarion County Broadcasting for nearly a half-million dollars. It originally had a classic country format followed by an oldies format. In July 2012, the format was shifted to sports as it became an ESPN affiliate. The station remains a separate operation from its Clarion sister stations WWCH and WCCR.

1230 WTIV Titusville, Pennsylvania
Owner: Forever Broadcasting, LLC
Format: News/Talk/Sports

 WTIV was the first station Robert Sauber put on the air in 1955. It offered a full-service format with news, adult standards and an affiliation with Mutual Broadcasting. Sauber put two other stations on the air, but maintained WTIV under its own roof as “WTIV, Inc.” (The Franklin stations Sauber started did business as Northwestern Pennsylvania Broadcasting Company.) WTIV’s format remained relatively unchanged throughout Sauber’s ownership. He retired and sold the stations to Forever Broadcasting in 2000 and died in 2004. WTIV is one of three stations operating as The Allegheny News Talk Sports Network owned by Forever. WTIV is part of a trimulcast with WMGW and WFRA.

1240 WJTN Jamestown, New York

1260 WRIE Erie, Pennsylvania
Owner: Cumulus Media
Format:  Sports

WRIE was long home to an adult standards/nostalgia format. In 2007 it became an ESPN outlet and features network coverage of Pittsburgh Penguins, Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Indians games.

1310 WNAE Warren, Pennsylvania
Owner: Radio Partners, LLC.
Format: Talk

WNAE signed on in 1946 and currently airs programming from Premiere Radio Networks and Talk Radio Network. Many of the programs were picked up after WKSN and WJTN merged their talk programs into one station.

1330 WFNN Erie, Pennsylvania
Owner: Connoisseur Media of Erie
Format: Sports

Originally 1330 was home to WMYJ-AM and owned along with WMYJ-FM by Bulmer Communications. However, during the time when a company could own one AM and one FM per market, Bulmer was forced to sell because of overlapping signals from sister stations over the Ohio and New York borders. The stations were sold to Erie Communications in 1985. The station became WFNN and served as Erie’s ESPN outlet but became an oldies outlet in 2007 after 94.7 changed formats. WFGO’s calls were moved to 1330 and although not a country outlet, used the “Froggy” moniker which was later contested. The WFNN calls returned and the Fox Sports affiliation began later in 1997. The station features Erie SeaWolves and Erie Otters games.

1340 WKSN Jamestown, New York

1360 WWOW Conneaut, Ohio
Owner: Lake Effect Media
Format: Oldies/Classic Rock

Signing on in 1959, this station has served as a talk station, an oldies station and a Catholic station. It adopted its current Oldies/Classic Rock format in 2005. WWOW currently describes itself as “Boomer Radio.”

1370 WWCB Corry, Pennsylvania
Owner: Greater Corry Area Broadcasting
Format: Country

WOTR signed on in 1955 and eventually became WWCB with “CB” being a nod to the local high school team, the Corry Beavers. WWCB was owned for many years by broadcaster Art Arkelien and featured a mix of 70s – 90s music mixed with country and modern top 40 hits at various times throughout the day.  In the 1990s the station was sold and became part of a network with oldies-formatted WYNE prior to it being purchased by Mercyhurst College. In 2010, Vilkie Communications took over station operations making WWCB sister to WMVL in Meadville. In 2011, Whiplash Radio signed an LMA to purchase agreement keeping the moniker but adapting to more of a classic hits format WHYP. In 2014 Greater Corry Area Broadcasting took over and the station sports a country format.

1400 WJET Erie, Pennsylvania
Owner: Connoisseur Media of Erie
Format: News/Talk

WJET was home to the regions top-40 outlet until the format and the calls were moved to 102.3 FM in 1986. That’s when 1400 became WBLQ with an urban format. Then it became WLKK. Several business transactions and format changes between sisters stations occurred and WJET ended up back on 1400 in 2001.

1410 WDOE Dunkirk, New York

1450 WPSE Erie, Pennsylvania
Owner: The Pennsylvania State University
Format: Financial Talk

 WPSE went on the air in 1984 and currently offers a Financial Talk format featuring programming from Business Talk Radio and Bloomberg. It also features CBS Radio News, simulcasts of WJET-TV and various NFL, NCAA and NHL broadcasts as well as Penn State sports. At one time this was WEYZ.

1450 WFRA Franklin, Pennsylvania
Owner: Forever Broadcasting, LLC
Format: News/Talk/Sports

Robert Sauber put WFRA on the air in 1958, three years after WTIV in Titusville. At the time, the ownership rules allowed Sauber to have stations so close under one ownership because they were in different counties. WTIV was operated separately from WFRA but the format was the same full-service news/talk/sports and adult standards typical of the era. WFRA was joined in 1971 by an FM sister station, WVEN which simulcast WFRA. WVEN eventually became WFRA-FM which was eventually programmed separately when more cars became equipped with FM radios. Sauber put WFRA-AM/FM and WTIV-AM up for sale in 2000 with the goal to retire. They were sold to Forever Broadcasting. Forever operates WFRA in a trimulcast with WTIV and WMGW.

1490 WMGW Meadville, Pennsylvania
Owner: Forever Broadcasting, LLC
Format: News/Talk/Sports

WMGW went on the air as the first radio station in Crawford County in 1947. Dr. Harry Winslow used his daughter’s initials for the callsign. The station was full-service featuring local and national news, sports and adult standards music. It would later be joined by an FM station using the same calls. In the 1970s, Regional Broadcasters Group bought the stations and changed the FM’s calls to WZPR with a beautiful music format. WMGW remained the same. The stations were then sold to Great Circle Broadcasting (a subsidiary of the Music Broadcasting Group which is no more) in 1983. Forever bought the stations in 2000 and made WMGW an all-news/talk/sports outlet and began a quadcast with WTIV, WFRA and the old WOYL. The format continues today with WTIV and WFRA.

1530 WMCE North East, Pennsylvania
Owner: Mercyhurst University
Format: Oldies

A daytime-only outlet, WYNE was originally WHYP going on the air in 1966. Through the years it has had a barrage of callsigns, including WRKT, WEHN, WFLP and WEYZ before becoming WYNE. WYNE is used as a teaching facility for Mercyhurst University and students can learn the ins and outs of the business from announcing to sales. Erie radio veteran Captain Dan Geary is instrumental in the station’s operations and can be heard during the mornings. The station offers a webstream allowing it to be a 24-hour station.