Northwest Pennsylvania Area FM Stations

88.1 WEFR Erie, Pennsylvania
Owner: Family Stations, Inc.
Format: Christian/Family Radio

WEFR is Erie’s outlet for Family Stations’ Family Radio Network.

88.5 WMCE Erie, Pennsylvania
Owner: Mercyhurst University
Format: Oldies

WMCE first went on the air in 1989 as a Classic Rock station. Over the years it became more of a mixed variety station until 2009 when it converted to a full-time jazz format. Now its oldies. Erie radio veteran Captain Dan Geary is instrumental in the station’s operations and can be heard during the mornings.

88.5 WYVL Youngsville, Pennsylvania
Owner: Calvary Chapel of Russell
Format: Christian/Family

This Low-Power FM broadcasts programming from American Family Radio. Formerly WTMY.

88.9 WFSE Edinboro, Pennsylvania
Owner: Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
Format: Alternative

Although listed as having an alternative format, listeners have argued that other genres of music have been heard including hip-hop and top-40.

89.7 WNJA Jamestown, New York
Owner: Western New York Public Broadcasting Association
Format: Classical

WNJA is a simulcast feed of Buffalo, New York’s public WNED-FM which airs in Buffalo on the commercial band.

90.3 WARC Meadville, Pennsylvania
Owner: Allegheny College
Format: Variety

The student-run station of Allegheny College.

90.5 WERG Erie, Pennsylvania
Owner: Gannon University
Format: Alternative

WERG first signed on in 1972 as a project of engineering students who wanted to establish a campus station. The group spent two years organizing the venture before signing on at 89.1 FM. In 1980, a Westinghouse transmitter was donated by WTAE-AM in Pittsburgh allowing the station to broadcast throughout Erie rather than just on campus. As such, the frequency was changed to 89.9 FM. In 2005, the frequency was changed to 90.5 with approval to place the 3000 watt transmitter on the WQLN-FM tower.

90.9 WCOT Jamestown, New York
Owner: Family Life Network
Format: Religious

WCOT is actually a repeater station for WCIK, the flagship station for the Family Life Network (no relation to Family Life Radio operated by Family Life Communications). The network of repeaters and translators serves Western and Central New York and Northwestern and North Central Pennsylvania. WCOT has a series of translators – W236BJ Dunkirk, New York; W256BA  East Randolph, New York; W203AW Fredonia, New York; W238BB Corry, Pennsylvania; W254AJ Erie, Pennsylvania; W202BE Kane, Pennsylvania; W238BD Titusville, Pennsylvania and W218BF Warren, Pennsylvania.

91.3 WQLN-FM Erie, Pennsylvania
Owner: Public Broadcasting of Northwest Pennsylvania, Inc.
Format: News/Talk/Classical

WQLN-FM went on the air in 1973. It supplies Erie with NPR programming and Classical Music. WQLN has five translators – W207AF Meadville, Pennsylvania; W211AE Mayville, New York; W218AP Titusville, Pennsylvania; W220BA Oil City, Pennsylvania; and W255AE Warren, Pennsylvania.

91.9 WVME Meadville, Pennsylvania
Owner: Moody Bible Institute
Format: Christian Music and Teaching

WVME is one of many repeater stations of WCRF-FM in Cleveland which broadcasts Moody Bible Institute’s religious programming.

92.3 WRRN Warren, Pennsylvania
Owner: Radio Partners, LLC
Format: Oldies

WRRN signed on in 1948 and was, for a long time, a beautiful music station. Today it serves as the area’s oldies station running Jones Radio Networks’ “Good Time Oldies” format.

92.7 WEHP-FM Lawrence Park, Pennsylvania
Owner: The Erie Radio Company, LLC
Format: CHR/Top-40

On November 16, 2012, WEHP went on the air as CHR/Top-40 “Happi 92.7”. The 6000 watt station is owned by Erie Radio Company spearheaded by Richard Rambaldo. Previously operating as “First Channel Communications”, Erie Radio Company was the winner of a 2011 government auction for the 92.7 frequency. Their bid was over $2 Million, but was discounted to under $1.5 Million because the company did not own any other stations in the market. The 73-foot antenna tower is on top of South Shore Place Apartments at the edge of Lake Erie.

93.3 WWSE Jamestown, New York
Owner: Media One Group, LLC
Format: Adult Contemporary

WWSE has been on the air since 1970 on what is the largest signal in the Jamestown region at 26,000 watts, easily serving Erie. The station boasts long-time local hosts as well as some syndicated programs.

93.9 WTWF Fairview, Pennsylvania
Owner: Connoisseur Media of Erie, LLC
Format: Country

 93.9 signed on as a new station in 2001. As WRPL it was the first of then-owner Next Media’s stations to sign on from a storefront studio in the old Boston Store building. The CHR format had been moved from sister station 102.3. Since then it became WUSE with a country format and continues with country as WTWF.

94.3 WUZZ Saegertown, Pennsylvania
Owner: Forever Media
Format: Classic Rock

In 1979, WYSS went on the air with a top 40 format owned by Saegertown Broadcasting, Inc. In 1983 the station was sold to Osborne Broadcasting and the calls were changed to WEOZ and the studios were moved to nearby Meadville. Osborne sold to Community First Broadcasting in 1988 when the format changed to an AC/Oldies mix. The station was forced to go dark in 1994 and was sold to Forever Broadcasting who brought the station back in 1995 as WMDE with a modern rock format. In 1997, a permit was granted to Forever for the “drop-in” frequency at 107.7. It signed on three years later as WMHU and was a complete simulcast of WMDE, but the simulcast was changed to sisters WXXO and WOXX for about a year before 107.7 became WUUZ and continued the simulcast with WUZZ.

94.7 WXBB Erie, Pennsylvania
Owner: Connoisseur Media of Erie
Format:  Adult Hits

Previously WVZB and WFGO, the “BOB FM” format replaced the non-country “Froggy” format that WFGO carried.

95.9 CFPL London, Ontario
Owner: Corus Radio/ Corus Entertainment, Inc.
Format: Rock

This 300,000 watt blowtorch FM covers US cities Erie, Pennsylvania and Detroit, Michigan with a fringe signal.

96.5 WBKX Fredonia, New York
Owner: Chadwick Bay Broadcasting
Format: Country

Originally WCQA, the station signed on pre-1989 with a country format. At one time WCQA filed with the FCC to move the Community of License to Falconer, a suburb of Jamestown, New York. The petition was rejected after nearby WBUZ failed leaving WCQA as the only station in Dunkirk. In 2000, the station took on the current calls and ABC’s Adult Contemporary satellite format but reverted back to country in 2006. In 2009, the station signed on a translator – W262BX Jamestown to compete with WHUG.

97.1 WREO Ashtabula, Ohio
Owner: Media One, LLC
Format: Hot AC

Signing on in 1949 as WICA-FM, the station was originally on 103.7 and was sister to WICA-AM (970; now WFUN). Long an Easy Listening outlet, the early 1990s saw the Smooth Jazz approach. By 1992, however, it has had an Adult Contemporary format. The 50,000 watt signal reaches as far north as London, Ontario and as far west as Cleveland, Ohio, south to Meadville, Pennsylvania and east to Ripley, New York.

97.9 WXTA Edinboro, Pennsylvania
Owner: Cumulus Media
Format: Country

Bulmer Communications put WMYJ-FM on 97.9 as sister to WMYJ 1330. With the two Erie stations overlapping with co-owned stations in nearby Ashtabula, Ohio, and Dunkirk, New York, Bulmer, ownership regulations of the era forced the sale of WMYJ-AM/FM in 1985. Erie Communications took over the stations and operated them for four years. WinCapp Broadcasting took over in the summer of 1989 and the format change to country took place soon after. The calls became WXTA. WinCapp sold to Media One in 1997 who sold to Regent Communications in 1999 who sold to Citadel Broadcasting in 2004. Citadel merged into Cumulus in 2011 and they operate the station presently.

98.5 WGYI Oil City, Pennsylvania
Owner: Forever Media
Format: Country

WGYI carries a simulcast of WGYY’s Froggy format.

98.7 W254AJ Erie, Pennsylvania
Owner: Family Life Network
Format: Religious

A translator for WCOT Jamestown, New York.

99.1 W256AL North East, Pennsylvania
Owner: Inspiration Time, Inc
Format: Religious

A translator for WCTL Union City, Pennsylvania.

99.3 WHMJ Franklin, Pennsylvania
Owner: Forever Media
Format: Hot AC/Top 40

In 1971, WVEN signed on as a partial simulcast of WFRA-AM. WVEN would offer alternative programming during the hours it was not simulcasting talk/news-intensive WFRA. As more cars came equipped with FM radios, the stations were programmed separately and WVEN became WFRA-FM in 1989. The stations were operated by MacBeth Communications which was owned by Thom Sauber whose father, Robert, was WFRA’s founder. The Sauber empire was sold to Forever Broadcasting and WFRA-FM became WOXX with the KISS-FM format and a simulcast on 104.5 WXXO. The two stations still simulcast as WHMJ and WXMJ.

99.9 WXKC Erie, Pennsylvania
Owner: Cumulus Media
Format: Adult Contemporary

In 1949, eight years after its AM sister WRIE, WVLU signed on at 99.9. The station ran on automation for much of its existence and served up an Easy Listening format until the mid-1980s. That’s when the station was bought by K&K Radio Broadcasting and the format changed to Adult Contemporary.

100.3 WGYY Meadville, Pennsylvania
Owner: Forever Media
Format: Country

WGYY carries their parent company’s Froggy format and simulcasts with WGYI in Oil City.

100.9 WRKT North East, Pennsylvania
Owner: Connoisseur Media of Erie
Format: Classic Rock

WRKT launched in 1989 and in addition to classic rock, the station offers area sports coverage.

101.7 WMVL Linesville, Pennsylvania
Owner: Vilkie Communications
Format: Oldies

Originally WVCC with studios within Linesville. When the station was purchased by Vilkie Communications, it began featuring programming from ABC Radio, Jones Radio and Premiere Radio in addition to local programming.

101.9 WHUG Jamestown, New York
Owner: Media One Group, LLC
Format: Country

WXYJ went on the air in 1965 at 101.7. It would become WHUG and moved to 101.9 as part of an agreement with Attica, New York’s WXOX to allow both to increase power. In 2001, WHUG became WHMU retaining the country format. But the calls reverted back to WHUG in 2004.

102.3 WQHZ Erie, Pennsylvania
Owner: Cumulus Media
Format: Classic Rock

 Founded in 1971 as WMDI-FM, this station had a progressive rock format. Local personality Ron Seggi bought the station in 1980 and turned it into WSEG with a mix of AC, Current and Classic Rock. WJET moved from AM to 102.3 in 1986 with several format changes eventually pitting them against WRTS. When WRTS’s parent company bought WJET in the late 1990s, the station became WLKK until 2001 when Regent Communications bought it and changed it to WQHZ with a classic hits format.

102.5 WZOO Edgewood, Ohio
Owner: Media One Group
Format: Oldies 

John Bulmer put WZOO on the air in 1989 receiving permission from WZOO-AM in Asheboro, North Carolina to use the call letters.  Bulmer was known for taking advantage of a loophole where if the FCC didn’t receive any applications during an open window, construction permits would be granted on a first come, first serve basis. He built a few stations in the area, but WZOO was his most successful station. He sold it to the Rowleys in 1999. The Top 40 format prevailed at first, but in the mid-90s it became Hot AC. But the Rowleys sold to Clear Channel in 2006 and the station reverted to its original Top 40 format. A year later, Media One changed the station to an Oldies format which did not sit well with listeners at first but the mood changed when it was realized the format filled a void.

103.1 WQFX Russell, Pennsylvania
Owner: Media One Group, LLC
Format: Classic Rock

The station went on the air in 1984 as WGSI. In 1992 it became WRLP until 2000 when it became WQFX.

103.7 WRTS Erie, Pennsylvania
Owner: Connoisseur Media of Erie, LLC
Format: Top 40

WRTS went on the air in 1994 after the station was WCCK and WMXE. The 50 kW signal serves an enormous coverage area which, on some days, can be heard as far away as Toronto, Ontario.

104.3 WKNB Clarendon, Pennsylvania
Owner: Radio Partners, LLC
Format: Country

WOVU went on the air in 1993. In 1995, the stations switched to its current callsign. The country format is complimented by programming from AP Radio and Jones Radio.

104.3 W282BR Erie, Pennsylvania
Owner: Cumulus Media
Format: CHR

Translator for WXKC-HD2 with its CHR format.

104.5 WXMJ Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania
Owner: Forever Media
Format:  Hot AC/Top 40

WAQM signed on in 1996 owned by MacBeth Communications. When sold to Forever Broadcasting, the station became WXXO and simulcast WOXX. The simulcast continues today.

105.5 WGOJ Conneaut, Ohio
Owner: Bible Broadcasting, Inc.
Format: Religious

 WGOJ (“Wonderful Grace of Jesus”) has been on the air for over 30 years with Bible-based programming and music. It is also carried by translator station W232AI Niles, Ohio.

106.3 WCTL Union City, Pennsylvania
Owner: Inspiration Time, Inc
Format: Religious

WCTL has been on the air for well over 40 years with its religious format. There are several translators serving Erie, Girard, Ohio, North East, Pennsylvania, Warren Pennsylvania and Jamestown, New York.

107.7 WUUZ Oil City, Pennsylvania
Owner: Forever Media
Format: Classic Rock

This “drop-in” frequency went on the air as WHMU in 2000 as simulcast of WMDE. The station was the third in a simulcast of WXXO and WOXX for some time until 2002 when it took on the current simulcast with WUZZ.

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