Recently, I saw a promo on “MyYTV” (WYTV’s digital sub channel at DT 33-2) stating that the new digital station would carry most of the Cleveland Browns preseason schedule. With this news, I decided to check out the WYTV website and found that were talking about carrying 2 of the Pittsburgh Steelers preseason games on MyYTV as well. Of course this can be done since most preseason games are carried on different days. A couple of exceptions are national broadcasts which are indicated*. For Cleveland: August 7th vs. Jets at 7:30/ 18th vs. Giants (*ESPN national telecast) 8pm / 23rd vs. Lions at 4pm / 28th vs. Bears at 7:30. For Pittsburgh: August 8th vs. Eagles at 7:30 / 14th vs. Buffalo (in Toronto) 7:30 / 23rd vs. Minnesota (*CBS national telecast) 8pm / 28th vs. Carolina (*Possibly on “Fox 17/62” or DT 27-2 since the Browns game will be on MyYTV at the same time.) With the new digital sub channels, it makes things easier for stations to keep network programming on the main ABC, CBS & Fox affiliates in this case while moving sports to the new digital stations. Such moves will not be a big deal to cable customers in the Mahoning Valley since MyYTV is available on most systems. It’s bad news for satellite customers who do not get such digital sub channels through Directv or Dish Network. Let’s not forget those who still watch analog TV exclusively with an antenna. Both will have to get a digital converter box in order to watch most of the preseason games. It’s too bad this could not be utilized in the regular season so that both Steelers & Browns fans could see their games every week. Why not use MyYTV for a Steelers game if the Browns are already on WKBN. It’s something the NFL should look into in areas where there is more than one team of regional interest. Update: I received an email regarding this topic and the person mentioned that some people in the Mahoning Valley can pull in KDKA TV 2 / DT 25 (2-1) from Pittsburgh as well as WKYC TV 3 / DT 2 (3-1) out of Cleveland. I’m not 100% sure about WKYC’s digital reaching there because of KDKA’s analog signal. I was aware of the two flagship stations but was trying to promote the local digital station in Youngstown carrying both teams in the preseason. The two analog stations could work out this year, but will no longer exist on February 18th, 2009.