Usually the Summer book comes out after the summer weather is long gone. Not really the case this year!

The top three stations are predictable – 1. WDVE; 2. KDKA; 3. WDSY. These stations seem to be pulling farther apart as DVE continues a steady climb upward and WDSY drops over an entire point. WSHH comes up to 4th place at it’s highest point in nearly a year. 5-10th place include 5. WWSW; 6. WPGB; 7. WRRK; 8. WKST; 9. WJAS; 10. WAMO-FM. None of the top 10 stations were tied.

Going down to 21st place was station WTZN – providing a complete understanding as to why they opted to change the format back to top-40. The Zone pulled in a .9 under KQV. We’ll be waiting to see what the return of “B-94” does for the fall book.

Complete numbers  are HERE.