The March PPM readings are out and it looks like the more accurate readings are taking stations on a wild ride on the 12+ roster.

  • WDVE (102.5) and KDKA-AM (1020) top the numbers. No surprise there.
  • Coming in 3rd is WRRK (96.9) , followed by WKST (96.1) which has a slight edge on country WDSY (107.9) which long held the number 3 spot under the old diary books.
  • Talker WPGB (104.7) was in third place in the February readings but has dropped to 6th place in the 12+ for March.
  • The new KDKA-FM (93.7) is showing in the numbers for the first time with a 1 share and 20th place on the list. Give it time…

Complete numbers.