Mike Romigh left his radio show and the stations where he had spent 2 1/2 years – WBVP (1230 Beaver Falls) and WMBA (1460 Ambridge). Romigh has taken a job as the sponsorship events and social media manager for the Beaver County Humane Society.

According to Beaver County Times reporter Scott Tady, the station is searching for a new host for Teleforum, the news-talk show that Romigh hosted. This week, Beaver County native and current KDKA-AM host Eddy Crow is hosting the show. Next week Dave Felts will return to host the show he hosted over 30 years ago. The week following, Frank Sparks will move over from the sports show that he hosts to host Teleforum. Then during the first full week of March, “regular folk,” as Tady calls them, will have the opportunity to host for a day. Tady has taken March 7 and if you would like to take one of the other available dates, contact Mark Peterson at 724-846-4100. Teleforum airs from 9:00 a.m. to noon each weekday

5 thoughts on “Teleforum seeks new host as Romigh leaves

  1. Mike is great guy and I wish him the best. Unfortunately for Mark’s stations, It is my belief that both stations need a serious overhaul as it’s pretty much an Audio Train Wreck anymore. I think that both stations should be split into their own entities with BVP being a real classic hits station not playing the safe listed crap but the wow stuff we used to hear in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and MBA a real oldies station and not the pissing contest for the deep obscure tracks as there is enough of that on Sunday nights.

    Maybe Mark should look into bringing an FM back to the County as well as I hear Renda is looking to sell WSHH.

    Sure there is money to be made with local sports and the Pirates, Pens and Steelers as well but there is a place for that.

    Maybe out of left field a bit but I’ll put in my vote for Dan Dunlap to be new PD.

    1. I’ve heard from others that the rumored sale of WSHH is just that – a rumor. Dunlap as PD? Not a half-bad idea, but probably not on Dan’s radar.

  2. That’s a loss for them. Romigh does a professional show, PLUS he’s plugged into what’s happening locally. The only hope for stations on this level is to super-serve their local audience. I doubt they would consider any kind of music format because of the licensing fees.

    The station needs to be tightened up. They made a good move by taking Al Goehring off the morning show, but the new guy just rambles on about hockey. That’s probably the least popular sport among their demographic, and it’s not a sports show. The morning show needs some pacing and direction.

    I can’t imagine WMBA doing any business as a stand-alone. The signal is just too weak and part of it spills into Allegheny County. Nobody in Moon, Cory, Sewickley, Leetsdale pays much attention to WMBA because it’s perceived as Beaver County Radio.

    1. I thought they couldn’t do worse than Goehring but I was wrong.
      Being from the valley, I scan through just to catch up on any news tidbit but the station is absolutely unlistenable which is a shame given that with the right vision, they could do so much there.
      However, you could make a good drinking game by taking a shot every time that someone says “1230-WBVP 1460-WMBA”; literally, they say it 15-20 times in a half hours time, even immediately after a recorded id liner.
      Extremely annoying.

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