Gender dysphoria is a serious problem that thousands of people confront every year. And there is still a social stigma attached to people who realize that their gender doesn’t match their genetic sex. So kudos to WJAS for running the commercial, and to counselor Judith DiPerna for advertising her services in the mainstream media. If we’re not going to discuss these issues seriously and openly, well, we’re going to stay in the dark ages.

But I didn’t expect to hear an ad on WJAS, I guess. On one of the FM talk stations? Sure. On public radio? Absolutely. Between the Percy Faith records on ‘JAS? Not so much.

Anyway, some questions this raises:

1.) Was Tony Renda Sr. out of town when that client was sold? I’m told he’s fairly conservative. And where is the sales executive who sold that commercial now working? (OK, that’s a joke.)

2.) Given the demographics of WJAS’ audience, are there a lot of 65-plus people in Pittsburgh who are suddenly coming out as transgendered? No offense, but it seems like something you would have dealt with in middle age — not retirement. (Of course, I guess you have more free time …) (OK, that’s a joke, too.)

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(Mini-Commentary From Jason Togyer) I’m a pretty progressive guy, but I have to assume that right now (3:48 p.m. Thursday), several dozen Buick Park Avenues are crashed in ditches around Pittsburgh as their elderly drivers sputter with rage and confusion. A few minutes ago, during the Mike McGann Show, WJAS (1320) ran a commercial for a counselor in “gender issues” who can discuss hormone therapy if you want to “make the transition from F-T-M or M-T-F.” (“Show the world the real you inside.”)