From Terry Lee’s website:

“We have received many inquiries as to why Terry has not been doing live shows for the past couple of months. Unfortunately, he was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. We only ask for your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Thank you for respecting his privacy. –from the family”

1 thought on “Terry Lee’s health woes

  1. Terry, I was the producer of the Al Jazzbzuex Collins show….AT WIXZ 1360 and your engineer on weekends..Im sorry to hear about your cancer..It can be beaten..I am a living example of that ..I had colon cancer and the doctors removed 5 inches of my colon..I had treatments twice a month for six months..Today I am cancer free..The trick of curing cancer is not to think of it or having it..Stay positive, Keep busy and let the doctors do their magic..You Can Beat this….Good Luck and stay Positive…Sincerely Bob Scharnhorst.

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