May 31 2016

Thank you! We’re up for another year.

It would be terrible of me not to express my sincere thanks to those who have helped to keep PBRTV alive for another year. By first name only, they are: Jim A., Robert, John, Raymond, Doug, Paul, Phil, Jim L., Jason, and John. Looking at statistics, PBRTV is popular with the male gender and particularly with guys whose names begin with “J”. 🙂 We raised a total of $230.00 which is great and was enough to cover one year of webhosting and a year of domain hosting. Thank you all!


  1. Boomer The Dog

    That’s great man, it’s really good to ‘own your own’ and not follow the herd to generic social sites run by other companies, we all know their names.. I prefer sites like this, and less than $20 a month is not so bad.


  2. Doug Goffus

    This “person” is absolutely proud and honored to contribute to a worth while website and the dedicated host/producer Eric. At least another year of Excellent information and content. Thanks.

    Doug Goffus

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