Welcome to my first annual “Holiday Wish List” as it relates to the Erie / Meadville region. This list is not intended to be retransmitted in any shape or form without the express written permission of NASCAR, The National Football League, Major League Baseball, The Pro Bowlers Association, Eric O’Brien, Jason Togyer, Molly, John Facenda, Don LaFotaine and finally “Yours Truly.” 1.) My holiday wish list will start with a much too common occurance in Erie radio, pink slips. It’s an unfortunate situation where various talented personalities and behind the scenes people are being let go due to budget constraints. For every personality let go, Erie loses another local connection to a particular station. My Holiday Wish here is a need to stop this bloodbath of firings and embrace local talent on Erie airwaves in 2009. 2.) Find a way to get WYNE 1530 either an FM translator or a full fleged FM station. “Captain Dan” Geary is now in charge of the 1,000 watt daytimer from Mercyhurst North East and puts out probably one of the best sounding oldies stations in the country. The webstream has certainly helped but the station needs an FM presence on the dial. Otherwise, you’re stuck with the same old corporate owned commercial FM stations that keeps cutting talent and plays the same songs over and over and over…… 3.) Jack Tirak’s dream of converting all of Erie’s TV stations to Digital TV (HDTV in particular). His wish will hopefully come true on February 17th, 2009. All full powered analog stations will be shutting off their signals come 2/17/09. We should all remember Jack on this very special day. 4.) It would also be nice to have another way to remember Jack’s vision as he has been a great influence on a lot of people, including myself. Maybe a scholarship or something along those lines. OK it’s a short list but you’re welcome to add your thoughts here. In the meantime, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you & your family all of the best this Holiday Season.