Don’t tell Scott Hanley, but Harry Krinkle of New York City-area independent radio station WFMU-FM (91.1) this week offered up 10 things he hates about NPR, including recipe segments, “ordinary person commentaries,” politically correct pronunciation, “those irksome solo bassoon bumpers between segments on All Things Considered,” and worst of all, “puzzlemaster Will Shortz.”

“Shortz’s Sunday segments on ‘Weekend Edition’ are the single worst thing on the radio today,” Krinkle kvetches. “If Republicans ever stumble onto these sonic abominations, they’ll finally be able to overcome the powerful Big Bird Lobby and cut funding to CPB like they’ve been dreaming about.”

Mmm, I love fresh bile in the morning!

(Speaking of bitter, a certain PBRTV correspondent was caught bloviating in Pittsburgh City Paper last week about LPFM. Pretty soon he’ll be walking around Market Square with a sandwich board, complaining that Bill Coyne is stealing his mail.)