The final WPXI newscast at Television Hill was the shortened 11:00 PM report on 10/5/07 with a very screwed up Skylights report following. Anchor David Johnson took viewers on a quick tour of the old studios which have been mostly empty in recent weeks except for the newscasts and a few other departments pertaining to the broadcasts. Johnson showed viewers the steep and sort of dangerous route up Suffolk Street in Fineview – a feature nobody is going to miss. He also showed the view of Pittsburgh – a feature everyone took for granted and will miss terribly. 

Although originally supposed to move with the station, the tower and transmitters will remain atop Television Hill as a gesture to the new neighbors on Summer Hill. The first broadcast from the new facility will be tonight at 6:00.

Meanwhile, WPXI’s website offers some wonderful memories with videos and slideshows of things which happened on TV Hill as well as a peek at the new studios.