A few months ago, two pirate radio stations in the City of Erie were shut down by the FCC. “90.1 The Movement” was one of those stations. According to a report on “Action News 24” Saturday night, The Movement has returned legally at 1700 AM. It appears that the station is operating as a low powered AM station in the city at 0.1 or 100 milliwatts. The coverage area can be as far as three miles or possibly more depending on atmospheric conditions. Bottom line: It’s the power allowed by the FCC without having a license. Marshall Jones who operates the station in his living room says that he worked with the FCC to get things legal because he feels that an Urban based format is needed in the Erie market. Jones hopes to eventually move to FM legally with a Low Powered FM license. This is Erie first Urban radio station since the former WBLQ graced the airwaves at 1400 in the late 1980’s.