It was a breakthrough morning show that captivated many listeners in the ’80’s like no other. A morning show that put the then recently launched “Classy 100” on the map and broke out of the shell that was once known as easy listening “WLVU Stereo 99.” Three voices and the chemistry they had would make this show one of a kind. They included “Captain Dan” Geary, “Newsman Dave” Benson and Terri Bohen. The morning show was known (and is still known) as “The Breakfast Club.” While the show has went through several changes over the years, many listeners still have fond memories of the original program that paved the way. Fans of the original program will have a chance to hear the original cast of characters this Saturday afternoon (August 8th) from noon – 6pm on WYNE 1530 or online worldwide at 24 hours a day.