2007 B94 LogoAs of 4:41 PM, the B-94 website has returned for the first time since 2004. We were listening at 5:00 as the station just went quiet after cutting off the Christmas Music. “1981…A year of Change…” starts off the introduction to the new B-94. The intro recalls Beautiful Music WJOI switching to WBZZ on 4/1/81. A montage of classic B-94 clips, announcements and legal IDs played before a sampling of the music played on the classic B-94 from 1981 – 2004. Then it announced that June 30, 2004 the station left the airwaves. “Pittsburgh, we’re proud to announce that today, October 5, 2007, the station you have wished for is back!” “THE ‘B’ IS BACK!”

The first song to be played on WBZZ B-94 on 4/1/81 was Billy Joel’s “You May Be Right.”

The first song to be played on WTZN B-94 on 10/5/07 was Justin Timberlake’s “Sexy Back.”