May 10 2016

The WZUM calls stay

On Thursday, May 12, WYZR 88.1 in Bethany, West Virginia becomes WZUM-FM to accompany it’s 1550 counterpart. Soon both 1550 and 88.1 will carry the same stream of jazz programming and operate from a studio location in South Park. The new FM translator in Pittsburgh will be in place soon at 101.1 FM.

More at The Pittsburgh Jazz Channel and WZUM Facebook Page.

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  1. Boomer The Dog

    I was wondering about that, what might happen to the Zoom calls again after the jazz takeover, but I’m glad to see that someone is thinking about the legendary ID and keeping it in Pittsburgh.

    I used to live so close to the old WZUM on 1590 that I could pick them up on my phono by touching the cartridge a certain way. That’s a phono, not a radio, and the sound quality was clean and clear.


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