Scott Fybush of NorthEast Radio Watch and several PBRTV readers want to know … why is Thiel College in Greenville, Pa., applying for a new license on 88.1 mHz?

The application, which was reported by PBRTV on Friday, comes less than a year after Thiel asked the FCC to cancel the license of its old station, WTGP-FM (88.1).

Indeed, Thiel announced in a press release in January that WTGP “has been phased out” and that future content would be webcast-only.

Does it have anything to do with the pending change in administration at Thiel? As the Sharon Herald reported, former college President Lance Masters resigned to take a job in Philadelphia in February, one month after the decision to cancel WTGP’s license.

Perhaps with the new president’s pending arrival, the administration is taking another look at the radio station situation.

PBRTV has an email into a Thiel spokesperson, and when we learn more, you’ll learn more. Stay tuned.