Ok… When you wake up tomorrow morning, what will you hear on WWCS-AM (540) in Canonsburg? Brokered format? Jammin’ Oldies? A simulcast of sister WGOP-AM (540) Pokomoke City, MD? Stay tuned. We’re mere hours away from WEAE-AM’s (1250) switch to Radio Disney and WBGG-AM’s (970) official switch to ESPN. How long will 1250 run Radio Disney? And how long will it be before it’s sold?

Will KDKA-AM (1020) ever reach the number one spot again? The ratings from the other day showed the talker in 6th place! Some of it was “displacement” brought on by WSHH-FM (99.7) and WWSW-FM (94.5) and their successful Christmas music flips this year. Meanwhile Clear Channel’s big jump with WWSW took a big chunk out of WDVE-FM (102.5) which leads me to wonder if they’ll venture into Christmas music next year. KDKA-FM (93.7) continues to climb.

What’s to come in 2011? We’ll have to wait and see. The next 365 days – the second full go-round with PPM ratings – could be quite interesting. Although it’s not yet as dramatic as 2010 was predicted to and turned out to be.

Happy New Year from PBRTV!