A couple of notes from this week…

  • Stan Savran celebrated 40 years on the air in the Pittsburgh market. Right now he works for iHeart’s WBGG (970) but has had many stops around town over the years including Ardmore Boulevard where he worked at both WTAE-AM (1250) and TV (4).
  • Lloyd Kaiser, former WQED president and CEO, passed away of heart failure Wednesday at the age of 88. Kaiser is remembered for being funny, smart, sweet and compassionate, but also for bringing a passion for learning to Pittsburgh when he took the job. During his years at the helm of WQED (1971-1993) the station received over 100 awards for the many programs it produced – National Geographic specials among them. Prior to WQED, Kaiser taught college courses in broadcasting and founded two TV stations in other cities. (Trib)

2 thoughts on “Things that passed us by

  1. Wow, seems like just yesterday I picked-up the P-G and read where some guy named Savran
    was coming into town to take over Greg Benedetti’s talk show on Double-Double.

  2. Correction. There was no talk show. The job was morning sports reports and an afternoon commentary. Stan was on the air for several months before he finally convinced management to let him do a Sunday evening talk show.

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