• Let’s talk WWVA briefly…
    • How long will it be before the towers are back in place? Who knows.
    • Will the Blaw-Knox type tower be used again? Some speculate not.
    • Some of WWVA’s Clear Channel sisters were affected by that storm too – WKWK-FM (97.3) and WOVK-FM (98.7) were knocked off the air when the main transmission tower was also “bent” in Wednesday’s storm. Both are back on the air in various degrees of power.
    • This tower site has been considered a tourist destination, and from pictures we’ve seen, we can understand why.
    • Thanks to Jason Reighard who has gone over, above and beyond the call of duty to keep us informed of WWVA’s ups and downs since the storm on our Facebook page.
  • The other day, KDKA-FM announced that it would be broadcasting NFL evening games supplied by Westwood One. That includes “The Big Game” (which most of us know as the “Super Bowl”). Did anyone notice that KQV-AM will also carry “The Big Game”?
  • Speaking of KDKA-FM… Stop placing bets as to when you’ll hear Christmas music on 93.7. No offense to you, but I would be very surprised if the format changes in the next year. Yes, I have read the ratings
  • Speaking of KDKA-AM… How will they celebrate their 90th anniversary this year? How about ressurrecting some of the old jingles which would compliment the current jingle package nicely?!
  • One question came to me recently as to the whereabouts of Scott Baker – the former WTAE-TV anchor. Well here he is shortly after his being let-go from 4 in 2006. But since that time, Scott has been the co-anchor of “The B-cast” a webcast held on at Breitbart.tv.
  • Is TV relying on Social Networking Media to verify its existence? Using Facebook the most is WTAE – including during the broadcasts. WPXI is a close second and KDKA-TV uses it least near as I can tell.
  • Yes. PBRTV uses Facebook and Twitter too. You’re free to join us.
  • It appears that Rob Owen’s job has changed for the Post-Gazette. In one of his recent “Q&A” online postings (now on his blog), he said something to the effect that he’s no longer a P-G staffer, but will continue to write for the paper and the “TV Week” that you get each Sunday. (And, for what it’s worth, he uses Facebook and Twitter too!)
  • Now let me conclude by asking something personal…
    • What will it take to get some donations so that PBRTV can continue?

Every now and again, I speak to people in this biz who have thoughts about what’s going on. Some people ask me questions – some of which I can and others of which I cannot answer. Some people put little bugs in my ears suggesting that certain things might happen… or not. People with scoop usually say, “You didn’t hear this from me…” Then I take these things and keep them bottled up. Well it’s time to share some of them. And if you told me that I didn’t hear it from you, well, be prepared not to receive any credit for it! 

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