WQLN Chief Engineer Aaron Coseo has informed us that there will be some tower work taking place at the station for the next few days. The issue is the tower that was formerly used by WFXP for their analog station which is next to the current WQLN DT / FM tower. Once Fox 66 shut off their analog station, they took off the antenna and cable that led to the top of the tower.  The bottom line is that it has been determined that the upper part of that tower is not as structurally sound as many thought it was. Work will begin to bring down the upper half of the tower along with some guy wires. Those still using that tower are on the lower half & will not be impacted. WQLN asks that if you plan on visiting the station during the next few days, please call ahead at (814) 864-3001 during regular business hours. Parking at the station will be moved closer to the area near the pond away from the building, which sits between the WQLN and WJET / WFXP studios. (Update) WQLN is selling the towers according to a report from www.yourerie.com.