Bonny Diver left her afternoon AAA post reporting traffic for KDKA and sisters to report for the iHeart stations. It appears that she will have an expanded role on WWSW (94.5) during the morning show. Diver used to do mid-days on 3-W-S back in the early 1990s.

Replacing Bonny at the KDKA traffic reporting duties is Scott Stiller.

We still hear Kathy Berggren in the mornings on KDKA, although at times we’ve heard the voice of Greg McAtee filling the void. One assumes that Berggren has figured out a way to continue doing traffic while performing her expanded duties at West Penn AAA.

3 thoughts on “Traffic changes

  1. I thought I recognized Scott\’s name from Channel 4. Didn\’t he used to do some of the traffic reports from the helicopter?

    1. Yes, Scott Stiller used to do weekday morning traffic for WTAE back in the days with Sam Hall, who’s still on.

  2. Scott was a longtime Metro Traffic employee. He did traffic reports for KQV and other metro affiliates, including Sky4.

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