Over the last few months I have been simply amazed by my Myine Internet Radio. Sure, I could have purchased another computer and ran it off WIFI in order to listen to stations available on the internet. However, I wanted something simple that focused on audio streams which I could run off my WIFI router. The Myine Internet Radio does that and more and can work separately from the computer. Heck, the computer does not even have to be on for the radio to work. There are several radio models out there which will work with WIFI or a direct connection. The Myine only works with WIFI but works very well no matter where I am using it in the house. Needless to say, the selections are endless for music or talk. It’s also great that there is no subscription to use this outside of the internet service you already pay for unlike my satellite radio I mostly use in my vehicle. This would definitely be an option for those tired of the limited selections available on the local airwaves.