On July 6, Patrick McFadden, the associate general counsel for the National Association of Broadcasters, sent the FCC a study that they had commissioned to determine what FM stations would be affected by the TV repack while the work was being done to change the channel allocations. V-Soft Communications did the research.

In the letter addressed to Marlene H. Dortch, McFadden said “the analysis identifies 678 FM stations that may need to reduce power, shut down, or operate from an auxiliary facility as work is being done on a neighboring TV station antenna to ensure tower worker safety from radio frequency exposure.”

While a lot of this could’ve probably been figured out without the NAB-commissioned study, it is still worth noting. The following local stations (TV listed by digital channel; FM listed by channel number) are mentioned in the list:

TV (Channel)CityMoving/Signing offFM Channel Affected
WBYD-CD (39)JohnstownMovingWQED-FM (207) Pittsburgh
WEPA-CD (16)PittsburghSigning offWQED-FM (207) Pittsburgh
WFMJ-TV (20)YoungstownMovingWILB-FM (208) Boardman
WINP-TV (38)PittsburghMovingWQED-FM (207) Pittsburgh
WJAC-TV (34)JohnstownMovingWQEJ (209) Johnstown
WFRJ (205) Johnstown
WFGI-FM (238) Johnstown
WKBN-TV (41)YoungstownSigning offWYSU (203) Youngstown
WMXY (255) Youngstown
WNNB-CD (30)BeaverSigning offWQED-FM (207) Pittsburgh
WPCP-CD (27)New CastleSigning offWAOB-FM (294) Beaver Falls
WPGH-TV (43)PittsburghMovingWLTJ (225) Pittsburgh
WPNT-D (42)PittsburghMovingWLTJ (225) Pittsburgh
WPXI-D (48)PittsburghMovingWSHH (259) Pittsburgh
WWSW-FM (233) Pittsburgh
WQED-D (13)PittsburghMovingWQED-FM (207) Pittsburgh
WTAJ-TV (32)AltoonaMovingWFGY (251) Altoona