PBRTV did a little investigating on the Jim Krenn Fan Page on Facebook to discover a press release regarding today’s activity.

Most of the on-air staff will be retained including Jim Krenn who is still under contract.

Krenn will be involved with the station and new morning show in some way as a regular contributor but will be using, this time, to focus on other projects that preclude him from doing mornings full time. The station values this iconic talent and wants to continue to work with him.

It goes on to say that Krenn plans to remain with Steel City Media “for years to come.”

It appears the station is stunting without jocks for now.

3 thoughts on “UPDATE: Krenn still under contract; WLTJ getting overhaul

  1. I’ve read he press release. They go to great lengths to avoid using the term “fired” but let’s face it, he was removed from on-air duties due to low ratings. Everything else is just saving face. It was a mismatch from the start. Not sure where LTJ goes from here, it’s a station without an identity. They have to spend time building one now.

  2. how many more times can they blow this up! for years they chased 99.7 never won! and they
    have gone after 96.1 and 100.7. bob is solid….so why not try the old 104.7 the beat! or take a
    shot at what jas left behind two years ago….or smooth jazz with a r&b touch. just throwin out
    something that might stick on that wall!

  3. They should go back to Beautiful Music like the old WPNT and original KDKA-FM at 92.9. At least it would be something different than every other station in town.

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