What happens when your wife is out of town for the weekend, your car is in the shop, and you’re stuck at home because you don’t want inconvenience anyone? The answer is: you update your website!

Slowly but surely, I am getting PBRTV up to the modern age and have created pages for FM translators for each market. (They are independent of the FM pages, but if you are on the FM pages there will soon be a link to the translator pages there.)

You will notice that I have not yet done anything with the Central Pennsylvania pages. I am not ignoring them. The Johnstown/Altoona/ State College market is a difficult one to research because of how spread out it is. So this will take some time. Please be patient and pardon the dust!

Stay tuned for more!

3 thoughts on “Updates

  1. I was thinking of you this evening. I have a dumb question. Do radio stations still “power back” on Sunday evenings. I know this was a practice for some as listeners tend to fall away on Sunday evenings (at least they did during the 60s and the 70s

    1. Certain AM stations are required to power back or power off at the average time of sunset nightly. That is to protect other stations on the same frequency that have the license to the frequency at night. I think what you are referring to is the Sunday night signoff for maintenance purposes which was typically done in those days as a matter of principle. Now it’s as needed which isn’t often.

  2. Emma Lee, stations didn’t just power back. They used to sign off overnights on Sunday for transmitter maintenance. This was back in the day when stations had an engineering staff and FCC technical oversight for “proof of performance” was stricter than the lax enforcement we have now. The transmitting equipment is also more stable today.

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