I have just returned from a week’s vacation. Even though the computer and connections went with me, I only posted a couple of items and, to be truthful, I was okay with that! (I was on vacation… don’t tell me you wouldn’t do the same thing!) Here’s a brief round-up of things that happened while I was gone…

  • On October 18, we reported the deaths of Mel Hall and Tim Lyons. Back on October 12, Vic Miles passed away. Miles was one of Pittsburgh’s first black anchors when he worked at KDKA-TV (2) from 1966-1971. Miles moved on to New York’s WCBS-TV after his KD stint and worked there until his retirement in 1995. He was 79. (PG)
  • Meanwhile Pittsburgh (actually Irwin) native Carl Anderson has been named the SVP/Programming for Clear Channel’s West Region. All Access reports that he gave up the same position at Citadel Media on October 14. He will work with medium and small-market clusters in that region. His last stint in Pittsburgh was programming Smooth Jazz WJJJ-FM (104.7) and overseeing its switch to the “Jammin’ Oldies” format before heading to Washington, D.C. to program Smooth Jazz WJZW (105.9).  
  • Ironically, it’s the smaller markets where Clear Channel began making its “reduction in force” today. Clear Channel tells All Access, “We’re launching a new strategy for our regional market radio stations that will improve local programming in smaller markets by using assets and resources in those markets that their competitors don’t have. It reflects new approaches to programming, talent, technology and other valuable resources — based on Clear Channel’s most effective and efficient stations.”
  • Lastly, Tom Taylor (Radio-Info) tells us today that Pittsburgh Native Robin Marshall (daughter of beloved KDKA host Perry Marshall) has left Charlotte, NC station WQKC-FM (104.7) to work on other projects including a new AC program targeting women due out in 2012. She also continues to do voiceover work. Marshall moved to Charlotte just last year after 25 years in the New York City market.

I guess I really didn’t miss all that much during my week away in warm weather. As always we’re grateful to those who send us news tips and information.