According to our friends at Ohio Media Watch, it appears that two AM signals owned by EMF (The owners of both the “K-Love” and “Air One” Christian networks) have now been sold. EMF was only interested in having the former WEXC 107.1 (Greenville) as a K-Love affiliate serving parts of the Youngstown market. The same group did not want any AM signals & wanted to sell off WGRP 940 (Greenville) and WLOA 1470 (Farrell). The latter two have now been sold for $50,000 to Vilkie Communications owned by Joe Vilkie. The stations will join WMVL 101.7 (Linesville – Meadville) and WHYP 1370 (Corry) making it 4 signals under the Vilkie umbrella. Of course, the new AMs’ will probably be rebranded with the “Cool” classic hits format. On a side note, the simulcast of “Cool 101.7” has been heard on “Cool 1370” for the past few weeks. This is due to a server issue with the Corry outlet but expect more of a localized station coming soon, according to Vilkie.