WVAH-TV (11), the Fox affiliate serving Charleston and Huntington, is among 13 stations that the Federal Communications Commission is fining over a 2003 episode of “Married By America,” reports the Charleston Daily Mail.

The episode of the canceled reality show that aired on April 7, 2003, violated broadcast indecency standards, the FCC announced Friday. (PDF)

“The program focused on Las Vegas bachelor and bachelorette parties for two couples that featured sexually oriented entertainment provided by male and female strippers,” according to the forfeiture order issued by the Friendly Candy Company.

“Following the broadcast, the Commission received complaints alleging that the ‘Married By America’ episode contained indecent material.”

The FCC’s order says “the material depicted sexual or excretory organs or activities,” “dwells on or repeats at length depictions or descriptions of sexual or excretory organs or activities,” and “was pandering and titillating.”

(Heh heh. They said “titillating.”)

Other stations cited were in Detroit; Minneapolis; Washington, D.C.; Tampa; Kansas City, Mo.; Roanoke, Va.; Lansing, Mich.; Des Moines; West Point, Miss.; Greenville, S.C.; Yakima, Wash.; and Nashville, Tenn.